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Name: Brntrogdor
Ingame name: Brn, Brnt, Trogdor... but not Brent.
Status: Inactive and still Awesome
First joined: Fall of 2012

Location: X=over Y=9000

Clans: AA
Bases: Bob, GreyFell and Numenor/Moria/Rivendell, Trogdoria

Who is Brntrogdor?

I joined the server all thanks to Severate, we had many adventures together including but not limited to... building our first base, griefing our second base and never having another base together ever again. I then joined up with Miniwimi for a time of insane building, high-speed XP farming and getting griefed yet again. Now I'm planning on a base with a few possible names: Numenor, Moria and Rivendell. This base will be built with the aid of a few carefully selected individuals. The idea for this new base is to build everything as epic and efficient as possible, as a team we will never lack any resources, be it food, XP, Gold, Iron, or even diamonds. With the incredible amount of resources will will produce we will then be able to build anything we want, pictures are sure to follow in the next few months.

Why does Brntrogdor Play MineCraft?

Because I can.

Where can I find Brntrogdor?

I will be in events such as Arrow Ravine and Mob Wave on a regular basis as well as in the PVP world once I get this new base going. Oh... and speaking of this new base, that is one place YOU Will never find me.

Friends of Brntrogdor

This list will be updated and spelling will be corrected shortly

Elocphant, and Mr. Hole Digger, Jayaypiel, Thwetneth, MrDisengenuous, Miniwimi, Pippenger

Brntrogdor's Enemies

Are all dead.

People who wish they were on Brntrogdor's "Friend" list

Also, add yourself and I will edit if I feel you are worth anything.

Brntrogdor IRL

I can actually breathe fire.

I'm six feet tall.

My MineCraft skin looks almost exactly like me other than the fact that the head is a block...

I'm over 20 years old.

I love puns.