Burg Hohenstein

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Burg Hohenstein
Dakka BH Overview.png
Name: Burg Hohenstein

Status: Active

Formed: 24 January 2019

Members: DakkaDok, SinthorasAlb1337

Burg Hohenstein is a base founded by DakkaDok on the 24th of January 2019. It is a castle built on top of a mountain.

The primary goal of Burg Hohenstein is to be as historically accurate as possible, using many defensive features common in real medieval castles.

An overview of the castle


All outward facing walls are at least three blocks thick and eight blocks tall, with cut bricks on the outside and a variety of smaller stones filling the center. Walls also have crenellations and machicolations as described below.

Wall seen from the side


These vertical gaps in the floor of the battlements allow defenders to hit attackers who get close to the walls with arrows and stones.

Machicolations seen from the battlements


Crenellations (the raised up part of the battlements) are one of the defining visual features of castles. However, they are often depicted far too small. The merlons (raised parts) should be tall enough for a standing person to take cover behind.

Battlements (Dakka for scale)