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Cactuse overview.png
Name: Cactuse

Status: Inactive, uninhabited

Formed: February 2016

Members: Yukar9, EggThief

Cactuse is an inhabited NPC village. It is less than 25k from spawn. The coords are not public, but anyone is welcome to visit if they wish. As of 2018, Cactuse is connected to the nether subway.

Street layout

There are currently 3 streets in Cactuse. Main street, Rectus road, and Gravel avenue. All houses are numbered and belong to one of the streets.

Mine layout

To organize the mine and help keep it clear, the mine has a very logical division. It is split entirely into sectors, where a sector is named by a series of numbers. The first number is basically random. The abandoned mineshaft at y = 37 is numbered 1, and the mine at y=12 is numbered 2. From then are a series of intersections in each direction. Most notably is that each intersection must be mob-proof (usually using fence-gates.) and contain a sign saying which sector lies behind. Meaning the sign should face back to the exit. If there is more than 1 way to reach somewhere, then the shortest path should be chosen to stay open, and the rest should be blocked off with cobble, to ensure each location keeps a unique number.

The numbers afterwards describe where to go. 1 being left, 2 being straight, and 3 being right. So to get to sector 1-3-2-1, the first number describes the abandoned mineshaft. Then from there, go right at the first intersection, then straight, then left.

There is a cave spider at 1-3-2-1. There is a ravine at 1-3-2-1-3.