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Ingame name: Cinnabars
Alts: <none>
Status: Inactive
First joined: 2013
Last seen: Early/Mid 2018

Location: Ascaris

Cinnabars is a player who joined the server in early 2013. She has gone through long periods of inactivity, but continues to visit the server.

Cindisfarne Monastery

In summer 2013, Cinnabars and Pippenger built a monastery in the ocean several thousand blocks from spawn. By the standards of spawn architecture, it is a very high quality base, and it still stands today.


In May 2014, Cinnabars founded the city Ascaris and built most of the first and best buildings. Shortly afterwards, Pippenger came to the city and added many more structures. It eventually grew into perhaps the largest city on the server, with well over one hundred separate buildings. The architectural style was also almost universally praised.

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