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Ascaris Iso1.png
Name: Ascaris

Status: Active

Formed: May 2014

Members: Pippenger, Cinnabars, clipchip, JavelinFury, MisterStrawman, jackswastedtime, Xenagie, Atroxes

Ascaris is a city founded in late May 2014 by Pippenger and Cinnabars. It is small in population but very large in size, composed of over a hundred dense stonebrick buildings that stretch hundreds of blocks in either direction. The mods who have visited estimate that it is one of the largest bases on the server, if not the largest.

Everything in the city is built in a unique Ascarian style of Post-Imperial Architecture, and every construction required approval from Cinnabars or Pippenger, the Doges of the city and the original inhabitants.

Over the years, work at Ascaris has periodically halted and resumed many times. It is currently still in construction, though at a slower rate than in 2014. Ascaris is one of the oldest active and ungriefed bases on SimPvP.

Since its initial founding, many new members have come to Ascaris, some invited and some not. The population is now much larger than it originally was.


The city contains a system of golem spawners with a lava blade harvest in the western section. There are three locations where golems spawn, but they are carefully disguised as regular buildings to blend into the rest of the city.

In the southwestern section of town, built directly into the ocean, is the Rose Cathedral. Farther out, in the sparse frontier of the city, lies the second cathedral, sometimes called the Lilac Cathedral or the House of Doge.

Under the deep ocean that separates the swampy western landmass from the urban eastern island sits a large flooded district, composed of broken stonebrick houses without roofs. Part of this district includes an underwater replica of the main plaza and city hall of New Caladan, the capital of the Empire, as well as replicas of the surrounding houses.

At the southern end of the island is the Library of Simpvp, a complex of vine-draped buildings roofed with jungle wood planks and stairs.

The Library

The library contains dozens of original copies of books written by players on the server, some histories or memoirs, some fiction, and some difficult to describe. Several books are forbidden to protect the economic interests of the authors or because they contain coordinates and other sensitive information, but the majority can be copied for players in exchange for a small fee. Listed below are books that are both publicly available and potentially of interest.

  • Brntrogdor: "Burninating 1-2"
  • Cyborgboy007: "Modal Analysis" and "Spawn !"
  • Dakkadok: "Dakkadok" and "Slaughter"
  • Deflowvesper: "The Hoebitt 1-3" and "The Yggdrasil"
  • Elocphant/Odinfire: Over A Dozen Books
  • FoSchnizzle: "Lysergidi 1-2", and "Winnie the Pooh"
  • Ostrich1414: "The Life of Wilbur"
  • Peppy 42: "The Enderman"
  • Pippenger: "Aggersel Plan", "Empire's Rise", "Empire's Fall", "HeckaSpookStorys", "Survival Guide", and "The Constitution"
  • PoppinFresh: "Immortal Blood"
  • RythinTheSausage: "Lesser Powered 1-3"
  • StarryRose: "Anarchist Post"
  • Wawls: "Minecraft Manual"
  • Many Other Books

The main branch of the library is currently closed, but copies of many of the books can be found in Aggersel.