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The server has sometimes in the past used custom PvP worlds, sometimes created by individual players, sometimes created as a community effort, and sometimes using old bases built in the overworld of the server. This page serves as a basic introduction for what's required for a custom pvp world, should anybody wish to create one.

Custom PvP worlds have to be prepared by somebody, and this can take a lot of effort. Preparing it basically means that the world is ready to be directly inserted as the pvp world, with no further work.

A prepared world is some file (.tar.gz or .zip) containing all the world files. For example, if you create a world in singleplayer, it would be everything inside the world directory, containing files such as level.dat and most importantly, the region directory which contains all the .mca files for the world.

The prepared world should be centered on 0 0, and it should have all valuable blocks removed. It must not contain large amounts of diamond blocks, or similarly valuable items that can be easily looted. Ores in the ground are ok, as long as they aren't in a greater than usual density. Here's a good list of items to remove, but note that this list may not be complete


If the world is based on some base from the overworld which coords are not public, anything that might reveal those coords should also be removed. This is things such as signs and maps.

What the size of the world border should be is not fixed, it can be whatever size might make the most sense. Usually something like 500x500 is a reasonable size.

The world should be prepared well ahead of the scheduled reset, if it is not ready on time, it will not be used. Preferably it should be ready at least one month ahead of the scheduled reset. If it is not ready in time, it can always be used for the next reset, 2 months later.