El andres96

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El andres96
Ingame name: el_andres96

First joined: Marth 25th, 2013

el_andres96 is a regular player in simpvp.net. He first joined March 25th, 2013, at 01:09 AM. He didn't become active after later when he decided to start a base in the server.


Castle Black

Castle Black.png

el_andres96 first made a little underground base near spawn to start with. The base was barely built when he was invited by EggThief to join him and other players to the little castle known as "Castle Black". He traveled to that base and lived there with the other members for some time.

Winter Fell

After a while, the members got tired of maintaining the base every week because of all the raiding and griefing so they decided to move away a bit further to yet another castle named "Winter Fell". The remaining players that followed EggThief lived there for a longer period of time until the castle got eventually griefed.

Creeper's fall

After the destruction of Winder Fell, every member parted on their own ways. el_andres96 decided to make a base by himself further from spawn. The base started as a little hut on an island surrounded enterely by water. The hut was destroyed and el_andres96 started building the base under water level, eventually deleting any trace of the island. The base was named "Creeper's fall" because the roof in the main room of the base had a big creeper face made with lava covering the whole roof. This base was developed until owning a having a tree farm, animal farm, crops and different rooms. The base extended inside of a mine, making it be composed of various paths each with a different destination. The stone floor of the mine was replaced with sandstone to give it a different look.


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.27.58 PM.png

After a while, el_andres96 was invited to join morl0ck in the construction of Harrenhal. He decided to abandon Creeper's fall to work on a bigger project. He went on and took the long walk to the castle. He lived there for a long time until he accidentally got sent back to spawn. After that accident he made a few unremarkable bases. He later went back to the castle and vouched for the player LegendaryArtz (former teammate that he built bases with),to join them at Harrenhal.

He currently resides at Harrenhal developing the castle further with the rest of the crew.

Later on, the player Infam0us found Creeper's fall and raided it. There was apparently no damage done to the structure of the base but its conditions haven't been confirmed.