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Ingame name: FoSchnizzle
Alts: Who needs alts when you have friends?
Date: Yes, I would like one
First joined: September 2nd, 2011
Last seen: 2014

Coords: x=0, z=0

FoSchnizzle is a fairly well-known player here on Simplicity PvP, and he's been on every end of the spectrum here. He was once banned, and once made OP, but is currently a normal player.

Starting Out

FoSchnizzle started in September of 2011, shortly after he obtained Minecraft (legitimately, at least). He was told about Simplicity by dpylz, and decided to give it a go because "why the fuck not".[citation needed]

Teams and Bases

FoSchnizzle has teamed up with a number of people and lived in harmony with them. At least, until they either quit or were banned. Starting out, he made his own way, living underground at about 4k from the time he joined until the border was lifted. dpylz then invited him to a base roughly 9k out, where they spent a while chilling like the bros they are. Bloop_ joined up with them, and they had a grand old time underground. Just as they were preparing for a move, they were raided by TLRedemption and his crew, who "stumbled upon an underground nametag" conveniently but legitimately. FoSchnizzle spent a significant amount of time at spawn, leading to his eventual ban. After that was lifted, he spent even more time at spawn, until he got bored. Deciding not to sit on his ass and do nothing, FoSchnizzle walked 175k out without even using the nether, let alone the nether roof. Unfortunately, his bed was blown up at the same time that he exploded himself, sending him back to spawn with nothing. He was later invited to RevStoningpot's sprawling home and traveled there via the nether roof. Getting there, he dumped his many treasures, including the ones in his enderchest for some reason, into a chest there. Forgetting to sleep, he entered the PvP world and promptly fell off of the side, shooting back to spawn again. Weeks later, shortly after FoSchnizzle became an OP, DeflowVesper invited him to an oasis. He walked his way there, and discovered that there were sheep! On a whim, he expanded the sheep farm to cover the entire grounds of the base, dying the sheep various colors and harvesting the wool. There were four double chests full of various wools when DeftPaw came along and raided the place, due to an admin error. The raided loot was returned, but this strongly discouraged both DeftPaw and FoSchnizzle. He currently resides on the move, trying to find a suitable place to inhabit.


FoSchnizzle was banned on March 7th, 2012, and unbanned a month later on April 7th, 2012. He was banned for using an enderpearl to gain access to the spawn platform (which, at the time, was a series of floating spheres connected by small bridges that were not intended to be accessible after jumping down). This is not the place to get into the entire debate surrounding his ban, but long story short, he fucked up, mitte90 got pissed, LoneSoldier55 and worldruler086 took the side of the iron law while yourcreepyuncle/airdude323 and Bloop_ took the side of the accused, and Yukar9 let him run free.


FoSchnizzle became an admin in early October 2013 and was de-opped on October 27, 2013. In his time as an admin, he jailed and banned various hackers, spammers, and x-ray users. He also built his share of events to be run, some of which were new and original along with others that were simple improvements on basic themes. He was de-opped because of a dispute with el_andres96 in which FoSchnizzle use some administrative powers in a joking manner, which was taken seriously. It is undecided if he will be reinstated as an administrator of the server.

Opinions on FoSchnizzle

Ultimately nothing more than a mediocre, unpleasant, and insignificant figure in the server's history, despite his high appraisal of himself. He is not missed.