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Ifrinn front.png
Name: Ifrinn

Status: Active

Formed: June 2020

Members: karl3550

Ifrinn is the second house of the player karl3550. It was not used as a permanent residence, but as a way to get gear and materials. The base will likely be abandoned within the next month. Ifrinn is the scottish gaelic word for 'hell', this was chosen because the base is, in fact, ugly as hell.


The "wonderful" inside, some have definitely called "incredible" and "glorious" in the past, no lies detected here, can be seen underneath, but beware, as the pure "ecstasy" of seeing this image has pushed many a man into a manic state, "enamored" by the sheer "gorgeousness" of it all. Ifrinn inside.png

Trading Hall

The most impressive of the many impressive builds at Ifrinn has to be the villager trading hall, which can be seen here in all its "magnificent" "glory": Ifrinn villagers.png


As Three screenshots are definitely not enough to show of all the "beauty" that this "incredible" base contains, here is a screenshot of the melon and pumpkin farm and the back of the house. These farms were used to great effect for villager trading, in fact those are not melons and pumpkins you see growing, they are actually mending books and golden carrots, at least they will be. Ifrinn farms.jpg