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The Alpha Kenny
Name: The Alpha Kenny
Ingame name: KennyKatsu
Alts: One secret alt
Status: Occasionally Active
First joined: 21 February 2013

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Bases: Somewhat far from spawn alone

KennyKatsu also known as by his artist name The Alpha Kenny is a gamer that somewhat occasionally plays at SimplicityPVP. You'll probably mostly see him at the chat trying to make funny and/or sarcastic replies to something.

Story On the Server

The most time I spent on Minecraft before joining SimplicityPVP was griefing on vanilla servers with Nodus. Once he got banned from GoodolMinecraft I decided to instead grief in servers with no use of hacks. And so I googled griefing server and ended up finding SimplicityPVP.

When he joined the server with a fucked up spawn he was greeted by Severate a friendly player on the server. He asked Does anyone have Skype? and Severate responded with a PM and they joined a call together. Severate lived on a random shitty house on a icy snow biome near spawn. The surroundings of spawn were in bad condition and the way to get to his house was to keep going in and out of the nether portal in spawn and you would eventually end up in the house (back then Severate was seemingly quite new to Minecraft not even knowing melons existed in Minecraft)

The next day they both were on. They still hung out at spawn and fist fighted spawn noobs and adventured away with a bunch of people, but eventually starved. There was once a guy with iron armor and a bunch of stuff that adventured with them. They went into a cave to gather resources with the guy. He gave them food and tools. Since Kenny and Severate were in a skype call occasionally they wouldn't respond to his messages in the chat. That resulted in him hitting them sometimes when they wouldn't respond. They obviously got kinda upset at him after a while and they decided that they'd just kill him. With him having better gear than they had, they waited for the opportune moment when he was near a pool of lava, Severate punched him to the lava and they got some of his stuff that didn't burn.

A week or so had passed and they got a bunch of other guys to get on Skype with them. They didn't have that much food so they traveled with beds on them. Once they had traveled a bunch or found a structure built by someone else they placed beds and slept. At about 8-9k they traveled on a bunch of mountains and when night came they set up a bed on them. Then a big mistake was made... They had surrounded the bed with dirt, and once one of thier friends died he got the sad message Your bed is missing or obsctructed (He made back to them later) But after that at around 9k they got lucky. They found a base with a farm and a bunch of food and useful items. From the base with a bunch of food they took boats and traveled to an island and set up base there. (it was around 10k) and after that everyone called it a day and stopped.

The day after that they decided to go farther to find a proper place to set up a base. (Kenny was hoping to find 1.4 chunks so he could find a witch hut and make a witch farm) He eventually settled and made an ugly cobblestone base. KennyKatsu cobble base.png More Pictures

Kenny's crew was still at the old place at 10k and he was on a different continent at 30k. He started hanging out at the pvp world. He stumbled upon BrentwoodBay's shelter/charity place for newbies called Paradise Kenny tried to help Brent a bit with his place. One day Revstoningpot came there with TnT and just started blowing up the place. Kenny and Brent built a different place underwater at the PVP World. People like LetsgetTr0pical came every once in a while to trade with Brent.

Near Kenny's old base Kenny found an old base of BrentwoodBay

KennyKatsu Brents base.png

He started asking about does he live near that base anymore and how far is it from there. Then he asked if he could join Brent where he is. And Brent gave Kenny coordinates to near his nether portal in the nether. Kenny started tunneling to the coordinates. And Brent and him met there (Brent had to Kenny from some Ghasts somewhere near there) After Kenny got there, he tried making a village by curing some zombie villagers from Brent's zombie farm. (He kinda succeeded. They bred, but when he stopped blocking their houses, for some reason they started traveling north and drowned...)

When Brent stopped being as active, Kenny started brewing speed potions and exploring the nearby area and trying to find a swamp (Brent's base was in the middle of lots of taiga) Kenny found a swamp and a witch hut, then he started continuing Brent's railroad and building it up to the witch hut. And he has not since yet added rails to it. (He'll probably get to that later...) Then he made the witch hut into a witch farm and counted 128 blocks to each direction with cobblestone slabs. (He's still in middle of slabbing the entire area this day) And started building his base on a desert hill. The base is supposed to be 81x81 blocks and out of obsidian (He's probably not gonna get it ready anytime soon...) Later he also discovered that HughR/Poppin_Fresh lives nearby as well.

In the end of January he found out Brent had abandoned his base and is moving near Pippenger's Empire.