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Certain exploits are allowed on Sim PvP as legitimate and legal methods of finding bases, be they abandoned or active. This page is intended to serve as a list for exploits which are allowed on the server and will not get you punished. New exploits are being discovered all the time, and this page will no doubt be expanded over the coming years to include many more.

For more information on what makes an exploit legal or not, please see this forum post by Yukarion:

Some notable exploits that are not allowed include the thunder exploit, wolf exploit, clay patch diamond mining exploit, and arrow-owner exploit. Glitch abuse is also not permitted as a method of finding bases.

If an exploit is not included on this list, assume it is not allowed and ask an admin before using it for your own protection.

”methods aren't automatically allowed until we say they're banned”


Chunk Borders

Following chunk borders that are created from previous versions of Minecraft are allowed on the server. This includes the more older chunk trails near Spawn that result in very obvious chunk errors caused by biome changes between early versions of Minecraft, as well as indiscriminate trails such as the lack of presence of an ore that came in a later version of the game (nether quartz, nether gold), vegetation (bamboo, kelp), or even structure differences (woolen desert temples, 1.14 villages).

Using a program/mod which highlights previously loaded chunks is not allowed. You will have to deduce which chunks are old or new yourself.

Turtle Exploit

The turtle exploit, which involves following a turtle back to the location it spawned in originally, is allowed on the server. Turtle AI in Minecraft compels them to return to the location that they hatched at, meaning a turtle will travel back to the location of its birth no matter how far away it is. Because this is clearly an intended and programmed feature added by Mojang developers, following a turtle thousands or even millions of blocks to the base it was bred at originally is permitted.