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Griefing is not illegal on Sim PvP, but actually encouraged on the server through Rule 1. Despite that, griefs are not always done legitimately, and some protections are afforded to victims of griefs based on the circumstances surrounding them.

If a base is griefed by a player proven to have x-rayed to find it, obtained the coordinates through illegal methods, or used illegally obtained griefing supplies, the base is eligible to be restored to its ungriefed state (minus items) if requested by the occupants within 80 days.

Regarding "illegal methods"

Illegal methods include but are not necessarily limited to...

Illegal exploits (See Legal Exploits for information on what is permitted)

Any client-side hack that is capable of revealing coordinates

Using coordinates that were leaked by someone who obtained them illegally

Regarding x-ray

X-Ray includes but is not necessarily limited to...

Texture packs which allow a player to see through terrain

Chunk loading errors that allow a player to see through terrain

Using F3 + A to reload chunks to see through terrain

Regarding "illegally obtained griefing supplies"

Illegally obtained griefing supplies includes but are not necessarily limited to...

Duping to obtain large amounts of TNT or Wither Skulls


While this policy is able to restore the builds themselves at a base, NPCs and storage chests cannot be restored. While this might make the policy seem pointless if the fundamentals of a base cannot be restored, the main goal is to offer some protection to the hundreds, or possibly thousands of combined man hours that go into bases, as well as deny hackers a place in server history.

Admin Discretion

Bear in mind that just because something is not listed under conditions does not mean it could not apply to the policy. For gray areas, such as a player flying while griefing a base but using legally obtained materials, or a ban evader griefing a base, admin discretion will be used to determine whether or not the base qualifies for restoration. As more incidents occur, the policy will no doubt grow in scope in the interest of protecting the hard work and time of legitimate players on the server.

In rare cases exceptions may be made to an aspect of the policy, as was the case with Three Words which was found with a method considered legal at the time but later ruled to be illegal.

History of Usage

March 29th, 2021

Base Restored: Three Words

Reason: Coordinates obtained through illegal exploit