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A list of downloadable torrents related to this server. The torrents are seeded by the server, so you should always be able to get them, but it's set to only 500 kb/s, so unless somebody else is seeding they will be a bit slow.

The 1.7 world

The old world, download is 4.9GB, uncompressed is 8.1GB. contains the entire region files for the pre 1.8 (2011) world.

md5sum: 9113670d8dbdc2bcfa40ccfaf26a345e
sha256sum: 3f3150fbfb3c89c231d6a0ae4616d615d687e9cf0f87ea0ceabc3b08d6027957

The 1.7 map

A map (actual cartographic .png overhead map, not a world file) of the entire 1.7 (pre-reset) world in a 1:1 pixel:block scale. It's about 107MB, and so you'll likely need specialized software to view the map, I use nip2.

Overview of the map

md5sum: 0ff46b01167a28d0e0b8208c6d5d686b
sha256sum: 5c688ce75a546065544d55893b393108e19f24012680cea9c9238c6891f8ac5b

All pvp worlds 2014

All the pvp worlds that were reset in 2014, in separate .tar.gz files. Total is 230.3MB. Containing the following worlds, with the date being the date that world ended, and their sha256sum.

  • 23 March - 49.6MB - e1c91060e377342d782fd1fe875b1b8470ddfaa5cc2639b10b87296d0fe219be
  • 1 June - 107MB - 9df356b8993c94baae5f88c47db24754a6c17e97fd15ee8d54e1b5a36fd4909a
  • 1 August - 24.6MB - 8cceed52be9548a204b1d967ee5ebdd35bd8c2b4b096828da9dee454084427ec
  • 1 October - 19.8MB - a436ceb2c03b6bb9ca1ad93757f6a041816d9e6816ee20cef34db5c3b67b972f
  • 1 December - 29.3MB - 1a6c1d06a04e1e04db3b2a4ae387683e4676bf4b0a88a304e34b5ce0feb0f9a1

All pvp worlds 2015

All the pvp worlds that were reset in 2015, in separate .tar.gz files. Total is 246.8MB. Note that dates given are the dates the worlds were reset, i.e. their last day on the server.

4c59808a982c59944833120ae8685480685d40e3d44928f74c5f3d561eb27d8a  pvp_15_02_01.tar.gz  20MB
b21d7d961982b1eac63acd45c519d109dcdb6f88e8df03b55b60af6d8909924d  pvp_15_04_01.tar.gz  26MB
69ec1f3cf08cb6cb34a86fecad41f9410872b9c806e39a9913535b3460ea5504  pvp_15_06_01.tar.gz  113MB
8fca14de14889ebac875ae723ea2c4366e5c97328ea6828748d43c54e41023ec  pvp_15_08_01.tar.gz  47MB
a64ccd954e8086893c54c4df8b7753c4b9acf4304c379e7f862a0b987d85caa1  pvp_15_10_01.tar.gz  4.8MB
f514a328a33bd36b96b643f9c52a719baad05882107eb83bbfd6acf3314e0941  pvp_15_12_01.tar.gz  26MB

All pvp worlds 2016

All the pvp worlds that were reset in 2016, in separate .tar.xz files. Total is 37MB. Note that dates given are the dates the worlds were reset, i.e. their last day on the server. Also note that the world put into place on October 1st is not included here, because the pvp world was extended to 4 months. It will instead be released as pvp_17_02_1.tar.xz For more info about this:

2931f7f86c9bfa74c328bc05bf53d70a6dfe0c635aab8b0658f180bbfbb4b874  pvp_2016_02_01.tar.xz  1.7M
67bacd8fd1bafe99ef9c05738600a3122c541112265dade4b28f97b4989513cd  pvp_2016_04_01.tar.xz  1.2M
362cf580309fc50c1b7e8a754c8198d7b874e2109d02900b7df792736142b76e  pvp_2016_06_01.tar.xz  14M
b20b562ed348a60b3584b5f2150167cf4f8e6766f780159d66160c0bc1094ddc  pvp_2016_08_01.tar.xz  12M
1942e9ca6f3cbd54e4ebe60481ea32fca08de56a86f4b1a8bb6031ee96961124  pvp_2016_10_01.tar.xz  8.5M

All pvp worlds 2017

All the pvp worlds that were reset in 2017, in separate .tar.xz files. Total is 252MB. Note that dates given are the dates the worlds were reset, i.e. their last day on the server.

977542ee37bcbeb588f46507b001a363669a586e146c36081c141aa8cf3f1991  pvp_2017_02_01.tar.xz  12M
65c698aafb73fdbc964f7d867ceed974d4dfc32dc9f1e0eab4c6c4460723d682  pvp_2017_06_01.tar.xz  39M
f6d8df427e8bf1ab66ce4689b462e10e199e7fa893ff7b42c0285754e5be80b4  pvp_2017_08_01.tar.xz  612K
42d84e7b5620fd31798ff2754685311d2d83c368f7c64ec278d4656874959ead  pvp_2017_10_03.tar.xz  189M
01a3e645dd95dbc77c95175d50b65c0c8628c07a4b830e9706836c543c1f3214  pvp_2017_12_07.tar.xz  13M

All pvp worlds 2018

All the pvp worlds that were reset in 2018, in separate .tar.lz files. Total (compressed size) is 53.1 MB. Note that dates given are the dates the worlds were reset, i.e. their last day on the server. .tar.lz files require lzip to decompress, for Windows users this may require special software, e.g. for 7zip.

f0248d04e1903a62f0667b3589026d1d687598ffb311c0d98ca71f7308de686a  pvp_2018_02_01.tar
b5761391e1f5b96300101dec09503d4c127fb697ce5ee589f9e3018bd44f4dad  pvp_2018_04_01.tar
0ef70707c81a20759746a3a12168657896dd7effe0bf181085a1cf179b43fdef  pvp_2018_06_01.tar
cb112fbcf55460947db69a69c4966e6f0a0b21ca082d1071f4bd873f8bb56847  pvp_2018_08_01.tar
92b98e5f6079240cfeec767cbe180d3f78bee8ff76ce9d233e250936c8ce6ca0  pvp_2018_10_01.tar
f2f074ec80598578d10ec843a4504287618b76da186401b2217154e21562e9a8  pvp_2018_12_01.tar