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MCUsya skin.png
Ingame name: MCUsya
Alts: None
Status: Active player
First joined: 3rd of January 2020

Location: End Spawn

MCUsya Is a well respected, chill player on SimPvP. He is known as the caretaker of the end dimensions spawn island.

End Spawn Project

In early 2020, MCUsya worked on flattening the end spawn island to y49 while adding obsidian runways at all cardinal axes and diagonal axes to the edges of the island. He created a center spiral staircase up to the glitched exit portal, which was removed once, but rebuilt way bigger. His end spawn project has been beloved by many players and gives it a clean, unique end spawn.


MCUsya Has mined over 80k obsidian and 200k end stone for the end island to take shape.