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Name: Fluz43
Ingame name: Fluz43
Status: Hacked and now Fluz44
First joined: 27 July 2011
Last seen: probably bedwars

Location: in an rv selling meth in Texas or in a 1 square mile town surrounded by corn, according to clipchip


Fluz43, now Fluz44, is one of SimplicityPvP's oldest active players.

From this point on, I'm typing first person. Fuck formalities

I joined 27 July 2011 and have been a near regular for the majority of that time (then some faggot hacked me around May 2018 and changed it to a faggoty name like Ayelen_; I am now known as Fluz44). At the time, the server's IP address was , version beta 1.7 to 1.7.3, and an account would cost only 20 dollars. I was in pursuit of a server which would need to ensure no hacks, no fear of authority, and at least a vanilla portrayal of Minecraft. Beyond that, SimPvP to me is an online playground and throughfare for my personal creative endavours.

I believe strongly in the concept of absolute freedom exercised on the server to promote SimPvP's unique character and serve as a haven for those who seek gameplay very simply- practically speaking, the way at least I'd imagine friends would want to play together to have worthwhile fun without a fear of cheaters. I accept the reality that everything I own could be lost at any moment and that seems to make me value my experiences on this game more than I would when sheltered from any fear altogether.

In a very short time I associated with a plethora of people ranging in every unique aspect possible: culturally, creatively, team organizers, those who empower, et cetera, but most importantly those who you can trust. After months of heavy involvement with a young SimPvP community I began to find out what skills were necessary for self advancement, and with time, collaborative advancement.

As I emerged as a relatively speaking stronger player on the server, I gained reputation with and began working alongside stronger players, which for lack of better words significantly improved my standing chances of getting to places that mattered. At the time, multiple player settlements were only in their infancy and the power of the collaborative efforts as seen in Eden were not yet realized.

Over years, I realized the capabilities and influence I could exercise among others in order to yeild outcomes of varying magnitude. (My 100% of the brain Shaggy powers) With fine tuning, I came to use it to maintain my ease of an independent lifestlye in the game.

Lastly, I did not dox pipp enger (editor, do not close that gap. I don't want searching his name to bring this page up.) You are more than welcome to verify that claim with the server owner (Yukarion) and the administration. I do fervently dislike him.