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Name: Eden

Status: Griefed

Formed: Late September 2011
Abandoned: Approximately November, 2012

Coords: -21 650, -4 500

Schematic: File:Eden.schematic

Eden is a large building project taken on upon by Boxyliz, LittleBoxofEmo, worldruler086, LoneSoldier55, lavadude42, EricCMiller, and a few others. It is known as the first large collaborative project on the server, with more members than any other base at the time. It was griefed causing it to be abandoned. After its abandonment many members continued on to Avalon, The Hive, and Valhalla.


The heads of the project were BoxyLiz and LittleBoxOfEmo (aka Box). The base building consisted of a cylindrical construction in the ocean that stretched down to bedrock, with an obsidian shielding on the outside of the upper layer and an unfinished dome. Many staircases and layers extended down into the depths until bedrock was hit, however, the center of the structure remained largely clear, allowing for one to fall from the top of the map to the bottom of the map. WorldRuler086 and EricCMiller also helped greatly in the construction of the main dome, along with Lavadude42. Other members eventually joined, including mitte90 and LoneSoldier55.


The basic layout of the base was a large circular hole down to bedrock. The bottom of the hole tapered off at Y:6 so a flat layer of grass could be planted for the public park. A large, stone brick staircase stated at the bottom of Eden, they would travel a quarter of the circumference of the circle, raise by 8 levels, then repeat. Almost every floor housed the entrance to a facility. The top was to consist of an obsidian/wool/glowstone dome, which was a build in progress by WorldRuler086, however, he was unable to finish the project before Eden was abandoned, and the wool at the top has since been removed. Since the finishing touches were still being placed on Eden at the time of it being abandoned (and subsequently raided three days later by YoungsMC), many areas still staged construction materials instead of practical purposes. The diameter of the inner circle of Eden is exactly 45 meters long, and the diameter of it including the obsidian shield is 65 meters. The base included the following:

  • Docking area for boats (Shown in the image)

This area was to allow access and launching of boats to and from Eden. Was complete with a launching platform, which allowed the placement of a boat on land, then filled the area with water and forcing the boat into the channel provided. The launching platform is completely destroyed, and much of the canal has been patched with Netherrack to prevent the remaining water from spilling to bedrock.

  • Bedrock Garden

Dubbed so because it was at the bedrock layer. A simplistic garden with glowstone lamps and a full variety of plants. This occupied the entire bottom layer of Eden and was shaped akin to a public park. Also contained a hut used for storage of gardening materials. Was damaged in an accidental TNT detonation, but later repaired by LoneSoldier55. The bedrock garden now lies in disarray and in a small crater from TNT ignited by the raiders of Eden.

  • Game Room

Damaged in a TNT explosion but repaired by LoneSoldier55. Contained space for a full-sized Chess Board, used for procrastination of on-going building projects. Contained a glass overlook into the Bedrock Garden, and had plenty of snacks. The game room remains almost un-usable, with a small base crafted out of chess pieces (Made by LoneSoldier55 a few days prior to abandonment of Eden) still sitting in the middle of the chess room. On a positive note, the black squares were made of Obsidian, meaning they still remain untouched today.

  • Storage

Consisted of multiple minecarts with chests placed onto tracks. Shortly before abandonment of Eden, this was revamped into a Piston-door based storage system. One would approach the front of the chest and step on a pressure plate, which would hold the window to the chest open for access. Upon stepping off, the access window was closed. Chests were sorted into different divisions of the system, and the system consisted of an upper storage area and a lower storage area.

  • Armory/Potions Room

Contained most items needed to craft potions and a fast-dispensing loadout system of armor and potions. Also contained a small archery range. Storage did not suffer any TNT attacks, however, all valuables have been removed (Including the pistons used to open the chests) and only bulk items remain.

  • Lodging

A large area dedicated to housing the members of Eden. Each player was given a space in the wall to make an entrance, then expanded into the rock accordingly as this was below sea level. Lodging was hit especially hard, however no signs which indicated the residents were destroyed. Some of the rooms are still somewhat recognizable, however they in general meld together in a tousled up mess.

  • Farm-Production Area

Located adjacent to the general storage facility. Initially was a park, but was eventually repurposed to a chicken farming machine and a light automatic wheat farm. Suffered few TNT explosions, and the automatic chicken-toaster is still somewhat operational. However, Frejerban's Farm, located in the lodging area, still houses more farming space.

  • Science Department

A small open room with grass squares for experimenting with Minecart systems and Redstone electronics. Suffered some TNT explosions and is a favorite place for hostile mobs to spawn.

  • Biospheres

A project was undertaken at the bottom of the ocean. Was still under construction when abandonment took place. Consisted of many interconnected underwater glass domes which housed a specific biome, as well as the central dome which contained a map of the biospheres. 4 Biospheres were created, and once housed a Jungle Biome. They were heavily damaged when Eden was raided, however, almost all of the holes have been crudely plugged using raw material.

  • Railway Department

A small room located nearby the main storage facility. Contained railways that lead to different areas of the map, most notably any active Mob Spawners and new biomes. The railways did a quick underwater loop around Eden and then proceeded to their destinations. Since the abandonment of Eden, all railway track in the vicinity of Eden has been removed.

  • Outpost

A small outpost at a Plains/Hills biome, with an approximately 1 Km railway leading to it. This area was principally used to collect raw materials, namely wood. It housed a small, spherical wool room with a bed and a chest, however, this was rendered useless by TNT placed by the raiders. The nearby Zombie Spawner and grinder setup still remains intact, however.

  • Jungle Outpost

Upon discovery of the new biome, a 4 Km railway was constructed to arrive at this new Biome. It was the staging area for collecting large amounts of wood and taming of Ocelots, which later proved to be less than useless.

  • Top-To-Bottom Railway

A small, aside railway constructed to bring a player from the Storage level of Eden, (Approximately at Y:20) to Sea Level at the top of Eden, much like a small elevator. Was primarily used to rapidly ferry supplies from Storage to the surface to construction.

  • Furnace Room

Large smelting room built into the wall, just under sea level. Housed approximately 48 furnaces and impressive stores of coal for mass-smelting when required. All the furnaces have since been stolen and destroyed.

Known Residents

This is a list of all known players who resided in Eden before it was abandoned or players who are mentioned as residing in Eden via signs or other residents.


Tour of Eden post-grief, by Yukar9.