Mr. Hole Digger

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Mr. Hole Digger
Mr Hole DiggerSkin1.png
Ingame name: Mr_Hole_Digger
Status: Inactive
First joined: September 25th, 2012

Clans: Unknown
Bases: Shroomtopia, Aggersel

Mr. Hole Digger came to Simpvp in the Autumn of 2012, and has played here consistently since then.


Mr. Hole Digger, known ingame as Mr_Hole_Digger, came to the server on September 25, 2012, with a friend named lennythecomputer. Lenny was discouraged by the difficulty, but Hole came to like it, and soon joined the base of a player named Brentwoodbay. At Brent's base, Hole built a melon farm and a mob grinder, the first of many such machines he would build on this server. After several months the base was griefed by an unknown attacker.

Some time in 2013 he built a massive obsidian/netherrack sign that said simply Mr Hole Digger. It was however within a few days griefed to instead say Mr Hole Nigger, at this point Hole had already moved far from spawn, and therefore paid miniwimi[citation needed] to demolish the last part of the sign, so it simply said Mr Hole. The sign remained up for about another year, although over time decaying to gradual grief. At this point it has been completely demolished.

Next, Hole and Halewind constructed a new base, but it was griefed by a traitor named Eve, and abandoned. Halewind founded the island city Shroomtopia, while Hole built a base in the ocean. Next he built his fourth base, as backup, on the other side of the map near Shroomtopia. His base included a zombie grinder, an extensive mine, and a hilltop cabin for Hole to live in.

While visiting Shroomtopia, Hole was invited to join the player Skaterhan at his own base, where he lived for several more months.

His next major project was the underground base Ember, built with LetsGetTr0pical. The base was built with a cross shaped layout of furnished underground tunnels, with an underground town at one end under an obsidian domed roof.

After finishing Ember, Hole and Tr0pical separated, Tr0pical helping Skaterhan, and Hole returning to previous bases to repair them and visiting the bases of friends.

In Autumn 2014, Hole came to Aggersel, founded recently by Pippenger, to create useful machines such as automatic melon farms, a skeleton grinder, and a semi automatic wheat farm with over 5,000 blocks of tilled dirt, which is likely the largest on the server. At Aggersel he also constructed an automatic guardian farm.