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Aggersel Iso1.png
Name: Aggersel

Status: Inactive

Formed: November 2014

Members: Pippenger, Capnruch, Dariepearjuicy, Mr_Hole_Digger, Red_Stained_Man, The_Fulgurator, Koooolk, EternalFire568, C4K3, theBloodyN1ne (DakkaDok)

Schematic: New Eden (2016-01-24)

Aggersel is a city founded by Pippenger in Autumn 2014.


2019-04-16 02.49.16.png

The city is organized into several autonomous districts. The central district is owned by Pippenger, and it mostly contains stonebrick buildings for public use, such as farms and storage houses, a library, and large game houses for spleef and chess. All buildings there use Imperial Architecture. Surrounding this area in all directions are districts each built by a different person in a unique style. Most of these districts are complete, though work continues to this day.

To the north and west, the city is protected by walls that reach to an elevation of over ninety meters and stretch approximately four hundred blocks in each direction. To the south and east, the city is bordered by a large ocean.


Dariepearjuicy's castle, where the town's horses and rabbits are bred, and much of its iron is generated. Located in the northeastern section of town.

Mr. Digger's Wild Ride

A semi-automatic wheat farm with over 10,000 blocks of tilled dirt, built by Mr. Hole Digger. Possibly the largest on the entire server. Located in the north, close to Darie's castle.

Capnruch Castle

A southwestern district built by Capnruch, encircled by a massive stonebrick wall. The central tower reaches the height limit, and the district is lit by two black beacons and numerous sea lanterns.

The castle has a large subterranean section with automatic melon farms, wood farms, and wheat farms.

Sandstone District

A district that is not the primary home of any players, but exists to create extra space and improve the aesthetics of the city. It contains towering sandstone and nether brick spires. Not completed.

Redstone Island

An island on the eastern side of town, containing an automatic melon farm, a skeleton farm, and various other Redstone machines, built by Mr. Hole Digger.

New Eden

A large base built in the ocean east of the town by C4K3. Built in the same general style as Eden. It was never completely finished and still lacks many amenities. It has a partially finished item sorter. It contains a railway connecting it to the Aggersel main train station.

Public Buildings

A series of stonebrick buildings for general use, built mostly by Pippenger, but also by other players such as Capnruch and Dariepearjuicy.