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Name: Nirvana

Status: Abandoned

Formed: January 2014
Abandoned: March 2014

Coords: still secret
Members: DakkaDok, DeflowVesper, miniwimi, Infamous, Cinnabars

Nirvana, formerly known as Valhalla II, is a base founded by DakkaDok when the 1.7.2 bukkit patch was released. The Idea of remaking Valhalla is far older and dates back to several conversations between IMMERONE, DakkaDok and Miniwimi in the time between the 1.7.2 release and the 1.7.2 bukkit patch. However, IMMERONE left the server before bukkit was updated, so DakkaDok decided to go on with the plan alone. The location was found by miniwimi who invited Infamous. Later, DeflowVesper joined before DakkaDok himself finally reached the base. Cinnabars was added to the members list later but did not visit the city.

Nirvana was abandoned after Horus, the player who griefed the capitol of The Empire, threatened to grief it. It is unknown how he managed to obtain the coordinates.