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Ingame name: Odinfire
Status: Active

Part 1:

OdinFire started out on SimplicityPvP during his summer vacation. He spent two weeks attempting to get out of spawn without failing and dying until he met a fellow survivor. He and this unnamed fellow survivor traveled approximately 1 thousand blocks outwards to a small remote farm where they lived for a short time. The fellow survivor later left the server leaving Odin by himself so Odin trekked back to spawn to recruit others. There he met Sputnik, a seemingly friendly lad who later killed him with no warning and then accused Odin of trying to backstab him. Odin traveled back to the farm where he lived alone for many days before a mysterious cobblestone castle appeared nearby later on. He searched the castle and discovered there was someone living inside and online so he quickly panicked and killed her. This person was later revealed to be Peppy42 where he quickly asked to team with her, hoping that teaming with a girl would lower his chances of being backstabbed as he always had teamed with boys. Peppy42 and Odin's friendship grew larger and larger over time until they were both griefed and separated. Later after some time, a male named Bannaple joined. Bannaple and Odin quickly became best friends and Bannaple took Odin 5k out to an underground base. They later moved and in an intense fight with mobs and a graceful and beautiful trip through the ocean to find another place to live they found an amazing double cliff-side in the middle of the ocean with a small island in the middle (picture this as if there were a 2 disconnected rings surrounding a small dot). They quickly moved in and built a large bridge to connect the double cliff-sides. Both Odin and Bannaple lived in peace until Bannaple one day invited someone into the group without permission by the name of FrenchFry. Odin and FrenchFry had a tense relationship, both distrusting the other until while mining together as a group, FrenchFry fell from a ladder leading into the mine while Odin climbed below.

Odin quickly climbed down the ladder and picked up FrenchFry's gear, consisting of a diamond chestplate and FrenchFry accused Odin of "pushing" him off the ladder. Bannaple was busy trying to get FrenchFry to fully trust him since Odin already did and sided with French. Odin was forced to leave the very place he had founded and was told to be sent off with nothing more than a boat. Odin snuck away, stealing diamonds, ores, and other gear before jumping from the bridge and into the water and boating away. He was later accepted back into the group but on the way back his boat was shot by multiple skeletons and he was killed consequently. He traveled back to the base later on and was accepted back kindly until FrenchFry had one day accidentally died and been sent back to spawn. Bannaple and French accused him of breaking French's bed but Odin denied all claims, saying that the crafting tables surrounding French's bed had obstructed his spawning points. French was banned the next day after x-raying for diamonds and Odin cast the x-rayed diamonds into his fire-pit while Bannaple desperately tried to save them, pleading them not to throw in the diamonds. Odin, later on, invited another team member: StarryRose who he met in the PVP world. They became quick friends and made a bar tavern together where all team members would go to eat every day for dinner. FrenchFry logged back onto SimplicityPVP one day with an Alt and returned back to the cliff-side base. StarryRose and OdinFire quickly killed FrenchFry's alt and broke his bed, taking all gear from the base and griefing it in hopes of warding FrenchFry away. He had set his bed nearby in a hidden location, however, spawning nearby every time they attempted to kill him again. The duo sailed off, finally managing to escape from FrenchFry and headed back to spawn with their gear where they settled back down in the underground base at 5k. They invited EggTheif and Peppy42 to join them and soon Odin began leading a small group of 4.

Eggtheif and Odin got off to a rough start, due to Odin accidentally picking up some iron from Eggtheif's furnace and not being able to put the iron back into the furnace, therefore Eggtheif killed him. Eggtheif later broke Odin's bed, sending him back to spawn but Odin and Eggtheif later made up and while never were best friends, never attempted to harm each other either and helped each other out of sticky situations. The underground base was discovered though, all farm animals killed and ambiguous signs left all over the base stating: I KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE ODIN. Odin and StarryRose quickly sailed out to 15k where they settled on a small island and told the rest of the team their coords. Peppy42 arrived but Eggtheif left the group, setting back off on his own. StarryRose later lied that she was the one who had griefed the base stating that: "I'm tired of you leading the group," before killing Odin and sending him back to spawn, but in actuality was covering for someone else. Odin became inactive for a short period of time before trying the server once more and teaming with someone at spawn named LimeGreenSicle. LimeGreenSicle gave Odin the needed boost to keep on surviving but the team did not last long, splitting up after two days. OdinFire traveled back to spawn and found Bannaple online again. Bannaple and OdinFire happily reunited and teamed again, sailing off and finding a large mushroom island 20k out. They lived here in peace, mining, and PVPing for fun until StarryRose began causing tension within the group.

OdinFire did not want StarryRose to join, although she'd asked multiple times with bad intentions in mind, then Bannaple began teaming with StarryRose during arguments and wanted her to join. This tension was later resolved in a later time when she gave him some very nice and expensive gear, and maintained his shop in the /world, turning it into a fashionable farm and place to spend time, trying to defend it from griefing noobs. Odin's shop was a place of many social interactions until StarryRose left the server temporarily and stopped maintaining it. It is now desolate and barren, awaiting a time for StarryRose to repair it once again. OdinFire left the group, finding another mushroom island and leaving Bannaple forever to start his own group. He created a small but peaceful city named FableTown. There he invited Majente, Peppy42, LazerShow7, and Blodys to join him. Blodys, LazerShow7, Peppys arrived first before Majente consequently joined. The first day Majente joined minor griefing began to appear and Odin and Blodys quickly figured out that Majente was causing the griefing. Majente was forgiven and asked not to no longer grief, staying with the group. Odin one day logged on and saw that his bed was missing from its usual spot, enchanting table gone and bookshelves vanished. Odin headed downstairs where he found Blodys away from her keyboard and sitting still. He decided to kill Blodys to make sure that she had not taken the gear where he quickly found all the missing items in her loot pile.

Blodys attempted to cover her crime up by saying she had seen a griefer nearby and had taken the stuff to keep it safe but it soon became obvious after checking other places that there had never been a griefer. Blodys had already broken her bed beforehand though so she had been sent to spawn when Odin killed her. She finally admitted to committing the robbery and bragged that she had already taken more things and handed them over to her new partner. Blodys later left the server after not being able to get out from spawn. OdinFire and Majente one day were logged online when Yukar9, a supposed admin teleported to FableTown. They greeted him kindly before he suddenly began griefing the large castle Odin had built with countless buckets of lava. He logged off later, leaving FableTown in fiery ruins and an irreparable state. Odin left the group, sick of backstabbing and sailing off into the ocean by himself. He finally discovered a flowing land, rich with farm soil and surrounded by all types of biomes and mobs. He built a base there and began his career as an author. He soon became lonely, with only his mobs to keep him company and trusting Lazershow7 and Peppy42, invited them both to his base. LazerShow7 began traveling quickly towards the base but stopped playing on the server halfway on the trip. Peppy42 encountered high-risk problems and continuously died along the way, only making it to the base through the nether. OdinFire and Peppy worked on modifying and improving the base and living peaceful lives. LimeGreenSicle suddenly appeared online and OdinFire invited him into the group, hoping he would be able to permanently join the group. LimeGreenSicle traveled through the nether and arrived speedily within one to two days. OdinFire and LimeGreenSicle worked on building a house together and it seemed as if everything would be fine for a moment before Odin began flooding the chat, consequently getting himself jailed permanently. He created a ban appeal on the forums and his jail time was reduced to a month but in that month LimeGreenSicle ran off with all the valuables in the base and was never to be seen again.

Part 2: OdinFire logged back in. Four months after his account elocphant had been lost, he had recovered the account OdinFire from a friend in real life. Stumbling through a new and desolate spawn, a fresh, unnatural terrain blanketing the surrounding regions until which direction he was to run was no longer determinable. He set off in a random direction and as he persisted in his travels, old friend JavelinFury logged in. He was given coords to an old base of previously unknown coords, hundreds of thousands of blocks from the spawn and set off in a new direction. Bored of his excess travels, he fashioned a fancy outpost of wood and settled down. He began to chip away through the nether, drilling towards his old base. A feud ignited between Svennetobbe and OdinFire when a quick alliance between Infam0us2 and OdinFire allowed them to extract diamond armor and materials from the unknowing Svennetobbe. A second feud flared when an undisclosed tactic allowed OdinFire to kill MOB_SEVEN's partner, Scott_Bradford. MOB_SEVEN proceeded to rage in mounting anger and hours later, attempted to apologize, which OdinFire quickly dismissed as a futile, immature and selfish attempt. OdinFire messaged Pippenger and application to attempt to join him at his city but was rejected.