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Pepega is the first base in honour of Pepe, serves as a private base of utility for MrMeeps, it has accouple notable structures, such as the Temple of Cow (in honour of the sacred animal, created purely out of watermelons) It houses a supply of cow's and therefore beef/leather for MrMeeps. The base has brewing and enchanting stations. Another important structure would be the first church constructed in worship for Pepe. Concrete used for the Phoenix I was created in the starship pillar located at Pepega.

Pepega a base of Operations

Pepega is now a very secretive base even amongst those who are closest to MrMeeps, it is used to carry out various raids on behalf of Meme. as it has one of the most elaborate Portal hub's connecting it to numerous locations. (It gives birth to the primary Income of Meme.) Allowing the organisation to keep on working.