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Alts: MerchantSFR

First joined: December 2018

Members: saluutSFR, NirkieSFR, SassSFR, OskarSFR, MihkelSFR, EmilySFR, HeliiisSFR, UnknwnSFR
Bases: Revalia

SFR MAFIA are a team of players with the tag "SFR" at the end of their names. They began playing regularly in December of 2018. The clan has eight members.

The clan was formed in 2013 and have played together ever since.

On August 19, 2019, there was a new member, UnknwnSFR, added to SFR.

Avoid imposters. The only true SFR members are the ones listed on this page

Map art

In the end of 2019, SFR had an idea to create a map art of their logo. They decided to make it 6x6(768x786 blocks), making it the biggest map art on the server and also showing off the teamwork that SFR has. It was done by making a platform high up in the sky, using about 170dc of cobble. On 13th of January, they had finished enough that they could fill in the undone parts with white maps. On 16th of February, the map art was fully finished. A video of it can be found here

2020-02-11 18.22.20.png

On 13th of May, a new SFR member, MerchantSFR, was made by SFR. It is not an actual player, but an alt, that everyone in SFR has access to and will be mainly used for trading.


  • The average age of SFR members is 21.5 years.
  • "Can I join SFR?" No, SFR only adds people that they truly know irl.