Sssssssssss's Shithole

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Sssssssssss's Shithole
Name: Sssssssssss's Shithole

Status: Inactive

Formed: Early 2019
Abandoned: June 6th, 2019

Members: sssssssssss

Sssssssssss's Shithole is a jungle base founded by sssssssssss sometime in 2019. The base, located in the middle of a jungle biome, is covered by a large square exterior made completely out of jungle leaves. The interior of the base houses several small-scale farms, including melons, pumpkins, wheat, chicken, sheep, etc. The base also has an internal minecart-rail system spanning through several cave systems underneath the base.

While not much is known about the history of this base, it is confirmed that sssssssssss officially departed from the base on June 6th, 2019. Furthermore, a sign was found declaring the base as "Sssssssssss's Shithole", which is the perceived name. While the base itself is not very noteworthy, its massive jungle leaf exterior is truly a unique sight to behold.


Sssssssssss1.png Sssssssssss2.png Sssssssssss3.png Sssssssssss4.png