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Name: Svürgenstadt

Status: Abandoned

Formed: November 11th, 2019
Abandoned: November 18th, 2019
Location: unknown
Members: willowienal, Wawuwiva, GUNONE, skirtis

The location of Svürgenstadt was debated among Wawuwiva and willowienal, but eventually willowienal found a perfect spot and invited Wawuwiva. Svürgenstadt was founded by willowienal and Wawuwiva on Armistice Day 2019, the day WW1 ended.

Svürgenstadt is largely oriented around pumpkin pie, Wawuwiva having made all the farms necessary for pumpkin pie production: an egg farm, a sugar cane farm, and a pumpkin farm. On the other hand willowienal is trying to build architecture and search for gold within the city limits. The base is still being worked on and expansion is rapid with new farms being made frequently within Svürgenstadt. GUNONE has recently joined the base and plans to establish himself here. skirtis has also recently joined. willowienal and Wawuwiva have built a massive church to praise Jesus in with a cross of pure Gold in it. Everyone in the base plans to expand it more.

Svürgenstadt's coords have recently been leaked and the base was griefed. However, GUNONE and willowienal plan to visit iQuint's base, meanwhile Wawuwiwva will look for a spot to found his new base. skirtis was kicked out because he was annoying and caused a lot of creeper damage.