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WARNING: Yes, we are aware of the spacing problem when not adding options (example), no we don't know why it does that. Yes we have read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Conditional_tables. The shit just doesn't work. If you insist on trying to fix this, increment the following counter as appropriate. Time wasted on this problem: 13 hours


Copypaste the below into the very top of the article you're creating. Fill in the things that are relevant, the type MUST be filled in, but other than that you can delete lines that aren't relevant to the article. Please keep everything very short (no sentences!). Infoboxes are for quick information, not writing about yourself.

|type       = <!-- The type of article this is. MUST be either admin, player, place, base, event, clan, literature or minigame -->
|image      = <!-- An image to be displayed at the top of the infobox, upload the image and name appropriately -->
|ign        = <!-- The ingame name of a player, use only for exact minecraft account names -->
|name       = <!-- Commonly used name, or proper name. Can be used for both player, location, event and other -->
|alts       = <!-- A list of known alt accounts for a given player -->
|status     = <!-- The current status of something (active player, left, disbanded clan, etc) -->
|date       = <!-- The date of an event. Use for events and the such -->
|joined     = <!-- The date a player first joined the server -->
|lastseen   = <!-- When a player was last seen, use for players who are no longer active -->
|location   = <!-- Either an ingame location for bases, or irl location for players -->
|coords     = <!-- The coords of something. Must be given in x and y value -->
|formed     = <!-- The date a base or team was formed -->
|abandoned  = <!-- The date a base was abandoned -->
|disbanded  = <!-- The date a team was disbanded -->
|members    = <!-- A list of members a clan or base is known to have/had -->
|clans      = <!-- A list of clans a player or base is known to have been connected to -->
|bases      = <!-- A list of bases a player or clan is known to have occupied or otherwise been connected with -->
|schematic  = <!-- A schematic related to the project -->