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Name: Valhalla

Status: abandoned

Formed: Late 2012
Abandoned: May 22nd, 2013
Disbanded: May 23rd, 2013
Coords: still confidential

Valhalla is a place founded by MisterStrawman. It all started when Strawman once made an enderman grinder in the End taking risks of being griefed by anonymous players who visits the dimension. Despite the small floating End stone island, very few have ever found his grinder and those who found them would occasionally run to each other, some of these players gained Strawman's trust. In late 2012, Strawman invited those players he trusted who knew about the grinder to help him establish a team and a place for them to reside in, those players were Dakkadok, Infam0us and DeflowVesper. The four of them worked together to build Valhalla.

During the foundation stage, Strawman proposed that a suitable name must be elected, he therefore created a suggestion board and asked the current members to come up with a perfect name. Valhalla, is the name DeflowVesper came up with and slowly gained fame within the server. Skaterhan1 and IMMERONE was then later invited.


There was no particular rules and themes that members had to follow, they were free to build anything anywhere they wish assuming that they dont occupy immense area that could hinder any future projects. The first structure ever built was the iron room which was used mainly for storage and a temporary complex to place the member's beds to save a new spawn, The base slowly took shape and more structures were added; hall, bar, storage room, library etc. Strawman then worked on the "Notice board" to keep record of the future projects. The first project ever initiated was the building of the gold farm which all members took part in, collecting obsidians was the prime issue which prolonged the completion of the project. Eventually each members made their own houses while Strawman worked on other projects such as Iron golem farm and railings.