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Ingame name: Antzakes1
Status: Active
First joined: August 14th, 2013

Bases: /world and a series of unnamed underground bases

Antzakes1 is a player who joined the server on August 14th, 2013. After a few years on hiatus after joining back in 2013, Antzakes1 returned sometime in late 2018, where he began to play again regularly. Antzakes1 became one of SimPvP's most polarizing players at this time, hunting down and killing various new players in the PvP world during his "piracy campaign". Furthermore, Antzakes1 is also known for having a series of secretive underground bases where he frequently AFKs.


Antzakes1 joined the server on August 14th, 2013: the height of SimPvP. He spent a few years farming carrots underground, sometimes venturing out to give new players multiple stacks of carrots. In late 2015, Antzakes1 logged in only to discover his base was in ruins; he was killed by zombies while trying to escape the partially lava-filled underground base. Shortly after this, Antzakes1 went into a hiatus and would not return for a long time.

Antzakes1 returned sometime in late 2018, where he began to play again regularly, slowly gathering strength and resources. An incident occurred during this time when Antzakes1 killed a player by the name of Fluz44 in /world, due to his personal dislike of him. Fluz44's ally dariepearjuicy attempted to kill Antzakes1 but ultimately failed to do so; Antzakes1 promptly killed dariepearjuicy, stealing his drops. Afterwards, Antzakes1 became convinced that an admin by the name of MisterStrawman would leak his coordinates due to the alliance he shared with Fluz44 and dariepearjuciy. This assumption lead Antzakes1 to abandon his relatively small base. He would take a long journey and would also look into the situation, when it was confirmed by an admin that nothing was in effect.

Antzakes1 settled down and burrowed into the ground, first making a small carrot farm and sugarcane farm, and obtained a large quantity of spider eyes. He also created a gold farm, one which was much more efficient than at his last base. Each farm was designed for the purpose of brewing a mind-boggling amount of invisibility potions. Antzakes1 vowed to cause more trouble in the PvP world than was ever imagined before. On top of this, he wanted to never again become a victim to another player while trading in /world, having been killed by clipchip once during a trade with ostrich1414.

Antzakes1 became one of SimPvP's most polarizing players at this time, unofficially taking clipchip's title as the new "PvP Killer", hunting down and killing various new and old players alike in the PvP world. In fact, in February 2019, Antzakes1 slabbed the entirety of /world, making it impossible for players to enter without his permission; this was later fixed by the admins, who placed a bedrock block at the top layer in /world to allow players to enter once more (picture shown below). His main goal is to steal supplies and have fun killing other players: no matter how unsuspecting or defenseless they seem, Antzakes1 will shoot at everyone he is not explicitly allied with.


Antzakes1 has conducted many legitimate trades in /world as well and has acquired many allies through these encounters.

Antzakes1 is known to focus on secretive, isolated underground bases. Here, he emphasizes on small scale industrialization, acquiring large amounts of gold through his gold farm and tending to stay solitary deep in the caves of his base, as well as brewing invisibility potions for hunting down people who enter /world, shooting people with his Dragon-ov bow.