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Ingame name: ostrich1414
Alts: OstrichsCoolAlt
Status: Active
First joined: December 27th, 2013

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Clans: United Alliance (Former), The Royal Allegiance (Former), The League (Former)
Bases: Uinia, Stonetown, Virunum, Quinsigamond, Monarchia, Estevez, Struthio, Majula, Java Linsghey, Tol Honeth

Ostrich1414 is a player who joined the server on December 27th, 2013. Though he has been on and off again regarding his activity online, he has stayed relatively loyal to both the server and his fellow teammates.

Ostrich1414 is noteworthy for being the server's only black player and one of its most frequent AFK players, as well as a dedicated Masshole and cynical shitposter with a self-deprecation problem.

A Legend Arrives

On the cold, snowy day of December 27th, 2013, player ostrich1414 logged onto SimPvP with his friend PlayaSwoop9. Looking for a vanilla server to grief and destroy people's work, the two headed away from the mangled mess of Spawn, but didn't get far; they both died various times due to lack of food.

At the time, ostrich1414 and PlayaSwoop9 were noobs and had no idea how to play Minecraft at all; they had both just recently gotten the game for the first time.

However, a miracle would soon arrive: DeflowVesper, an admin, helped lead the two noobs to safety, bringing them to Castle Snowfrog where they indulged in hundreds of melons and built a small, cobblestone cube to live in within the castle's grounds.


PlayaSwoop9 later left the server and never returned, unimpressed by it. Ostrich1414, however, took a liking to it and stuck around Castle Snowfrog for a few weeks. Here, he developed a small friendship with snowfrog43 and helped to maintain the castle by farming and simply cleaning it up a bit.

Alliance with Pippenger

One day while in Castle Snowfrog, ostrich1414 began a conversation in the chat with a player named Pippenger. After talking for a few hours, where he educated ostrich1414 on Minecraft basics, Pippenger invited him to a base he was currently working on, known simply as "The Stomping Ground". Ostrich1414 traveled there and met up with Pippenger, who was working on the base alongside Mr._Hole_Digger. Construction on the base began around January 2014.

Pippenger was very kind to ostrich1414, giving him the freedom to build whatever he wanted and a limitless supply of tools and materials for his creations. With these, ostrich1414 built a shitty house on the edge of a bay: his first "major" build on the server.


Early that same year, ostrich1414 collaborated with pippenger once again, as well as Cdnam5, as they built Uinia, a large castle near spawn; they also founded "The Noobtree Foundation", a short-lived organization dedicated to assisting new players and repairing spawn.


A Joruney of Self

When The Stomping Ground began to dissolve and Uinia was completed, and work in general was slowed to an abrupt end, Pippenger left to tend to other bases while ostrich1414 decided to set out on his own. He eventually landed on a small island nearby spawn, where he constructed yet another shitty, unfinished cobblestone house. He stayed on this island for a short time, working on his appalling base by himself. The remnants of this base can still be seen today at x=13166 z=1795.

While here, Pippenger asked him yet again to join his newest base: Stonetown. Ostrich1414 was eager to come and help and immediately departed from his island base, heading towards Stonetown.

Stonetown, Wilbur, and His Brief Hiatus

At Stonetown, ostrich1414 was able to grow into a much better player and builder. At this time, around early to mid-2014, ostrich1414 helped in the construction of a small town outside of a massive dome made out of dirt and covered in trees; using Pippenger's Imperial Architecture, ostrich1414 was able to strengthen his building skills and constructed many of the town's buildings.

Stonetown 3.png

On July 29th, 2014, ostrich1414 attempted to get the achievement "When Pigs Fly". He was trying to complete many of the existing Minecraft achievements and this seemed like one he could easily do. Grabbing a pig, whom he named "Wilbur", ostrich1414 headed to the top of the tree dome and climbed on top of Wilbur. The two fell to their death and all that remained was Wilbur's saddle and the carrot-on-a-stick. The brutal murder of Wilbur sparked outrage throughout the server, and a memorial was constructed in both Stonetown and in /world by ostrich1414. A secret cult, known as "The Order of Wilbur", was later established, and its headquarters remained in Stonetown. Not much is known about this secretive organization.

When construction in Stonetown began to slow down and its members moved on to other things, ostrich1414 went on a brief hiatus, unsure if he would ever rejoin again.

He's Back! (feat. Hiatus, Part II)

In early 2015, ostrich1414 rejoined SimPvP. Pippenger, ever so kind to him, invited ostrich1414 to his newest base: Virunum. Ostrich1414 made the long journey there, eager to reunite with his former teammates and begin work on a brand-new base, possibly the biggest one yet. He eventually landed in a small village suburb just outside of the planned city's location; this village was a walled-in area made predominantly out of granite blocks. Here, ostrich1414 stayed as he prepared himself for the next big build.

While at Virunum, ostrich1414 only ever completed one building, the shitty house shown below:


It wasn't long before ostrich1414 went on hiatus yet again. However, unlike before, this was a much longer hiatus: he left the server in mid-2015 and did not return until January of 2017. During his absence, ostrich1414 fucked nine million bitches and snorted 57 lines of cocaine daily.

A New Era of ostrich1414

In January of 2017, ostrich1414 finally returned to the server. He came to realize that he had missed a lot of things: a major war, the building (and griefing) of Virunum, and even Pippenger's official retirement from the game. Determined to stay put on the server and leave an impact on it, ostrich1414 returned to Stonetown briefly to get back in shape for playing yet again. Reuniting with old friends and explaining his desire to stay, ostrich1414 set out, yet again, on a journey to build a new base.

He later settled on a fair-sized Mushroom Island biome in the middle of the ocean. As he set up base there, he recruited Z33VN to come and help him construct this new base: a base built in the honor of Pippenger, using his signature Imperial Architecture style. This base, known as "Quinsigamond", grew very quickly as ostrich1414 recruited his longtime ally and friend JavelinFury, as well as players Elystriana and KellyEKelly. Quinsigamond eventually became a hub of history, serving as an exhibition to the hard work and dedication that the longtime players of SimPvP have contributed to the server; this city became a living memorial to these players and their history.


Creating a Capital

After Quinsigamond's completion, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury began their newest project: a massive city known as "Monarchia". Monarchia was to become the capital city for the Remembrance, a new clan founded by the two themselves. The goal of this clan was to preserve and protect SimPvP's rich history and culture, and it was understood that this team of players needed a much larger city to headquarter their efforts. Joined by their close ally clipchip, the three began to work on Monarchia as they prepared to establish a capital for the server's newest clan and a much larger city, made up of various distinct districts; this was ostrich1414's largest project to date, and it was this moment when he realized that, despite Pippenger's departure from the server, maybe he was capable of reclaiming this former glory and establishing an empire of his own. With Quinsigamond complete, the Remembrance growing, and Monarchia in the works ostrich1414 was becoming more involved in the society of the server than ever before.


The United Alliance

In June of 2017, ostrich1414 received a surprise when Pippenger, using his alt Porkington, returned to the server after a long hiatus (one that even rivals ostrich1414's). This event, as well as several other minor factors, prompted ostrich1414 and JavelinFury to fully reform the Remembrance and shift its focus and organization. This change saw the creation of the United Alliance, a new clan which put ostrich1414 as its leader. The United Alliance, or UA, grew very quickly as new recruits were taken in almost daily and a surplus of bases were gained under its control throughout the server. Ostrich1414, who had never been the leader of such a large clan before, quickly felt the pressure and was forced to curb his dictatorial urges of authority and genocide. Meanwhile, he would focus on infrastructure, recruitment, and community production as he attempted to mirror the image of his mentor, Pippenger.

The War of Monarchia and Surrender

Though the next few months of the UA's existence were very progressive and bountiful, reaching its peak membership and involved with a vast assortment of affiliated bases, things began to turn sour when clipchip officially left the UA on August 22nd, 2017. Tensions between him and the UA only worsened, and he soon established "Clipiiii's Gang" following his departure.

From September 27th, 2017 to October 6th, 2017, the United Alliance and Clipiiii's Gang were engaged in a war fought entirely on Monarchia, known as the War of Monarchia. The war was declared by ostrich1414 himself after several acts of aggression from clipchip, who threatened the UA's progression and Monarchia's sovereignty. Though the war resulted in multiple deaths and an array of damage and destruction, it ultimately ended in peace as ostrich1414 officially surrendered to Clipiiii's Gang on October 6th, ending the War of Monarchia.

After this date, ostrich1414 formally resigned from his position as Leader of the United Alliance and gave full control of the organization to clipchip, who later used its foundations to establish a new, modified clan, The Royal Allegiance. Under this treaty, clipchip had also gained control of all of the UA's bases, including ostrich1414's creations, Quinsigamond and Monarchia. The war and its results took a deep toll on ostrich1414 as he soon became semi-active and would tend to AFK frequently, though clipchip still allowed him to build in Monarchia and other such bases under the title of his personal indentured servant.

A New League

Secretly, behind the scenes, ostrich1414 and his close ally Porkington had been plotting the results of the War of Monarchia all along: after ostrich1414 resigned from the United Alliance and gave control over to clipchip, ostrich1414 and Porkington would move onto a new base as they began to plan a new clan of their own. Under the guise of being an RA member, ostrich1414 and Porkington began to work together on their new base, "Estevez", or "Vez" for short: a massive underground complex consisting of various farms, domes and halls, beginning in October of 2017. The two eventually recruited Master_Xybot, their fellow ally and former UA member, and the three worked tirelessly on Estevez as they began secretly plotting theirs.


In the midst of construction at Estevez, ostrich1414 founded another newer base for the team, named Struthio. Though much smaller in size than Estevez, Struthio was unique as it was a small coastal savannah town consisting entirely of acacia wood and stone brick, and the town's layout itself was modeled after ostrich1414's own Quinsigamond due to its congestion in such a small land area. Struthio also contained various villager farms nearby, as well as the later Hall of Vatlos, a colossal structure which ostrich1414 and Porkington began work on in December 2017.


Ostrich1414 also began to work around spawn more frequently this time, taking part in much smaller bases, including Oberstein and Grasstle. These bases came with the sole intent to spread the team's influence near spawn and to draw new players and prepare them for their career in the server, hoping to breed a new generation of SimPvP players and teammates. Using his alt OstrichsGayAlt at Oberstein and frequently visiting Grasstle to assist newcomers, ostrich1414 made it a new goal of his to reach out to new players and give them hope, reminiscent of his mission while in the UA.

Oberstein1.png GrasstleOverview.png

On January 5th, 2018, the three co-founders finally decided on a team name: The League. After announcing this publicly to the server, all three players officially withdrew from the Royal Allegiance, and ostrich1414 was finally able to focus solely on his work for the League, no longer being secretive or suspicious.

Times of Turbulence

Upon withdrawing from the RA, ostrich1414 and his League companions drew much controversy and criticism from their former RA allies, who were furious that they left. This anger was especially garnered by JavelinFury and clipchip, who openly denounced the League various times. Z33VN, Quinsigamond's co-founder, was also furious upon ostrich1414's departure. Despite this, ostrich1414 maintained his status as an active member of the League, working on various team projects, all the while attempting to mend the fractured relationship between him and his RA allies.

On January 19th, 2018, Quinsigamond suffered from a minor griefing incident in which one of the city's main towers was covered in lava. Though there was very little damage and the griefing was far from destructive, it still sent a warning to ostrich1414 that one of his former allies may be after him, especially one who had access to Quinsigamond. Although he was unable to discover the culprit behind the act, clipchip and Z33VN were seen as the prime suspects, though both have denied participating in the incident. Despite this, all players saw the griefing as a response to the formation of the League and ostrich1414's departure from the RA.


In the next two months that followed, war appeared to be imminent as The Cold War commenced. The League and the Royal Allegiance were rarely on good terms, and the two teams barely cooperated or respected each other. Both JavelinFury and clipchip claimed to have discovered Pippenger's city Ascaris, which severely lowered the League's morale and struck fear among many, especially ostrich1414 and Pippenger himself. Later on, the RA city of Monarchia was severely griefed and looted by an unknown player, and the act was denounced by both teams; however, as no one knew who conducted the griefing, players from both teams attempted to frame each other in order to favor themselves. Coupled with these events, the RA frequently claimed to be constructing weapons of mass destruction which would destroy the League, and the League would also make threats, expressing a desire to cripple the already-declining RA.

By mid-March 2018, nothing major seemed to occur, a war was never declared. Ostrich1414, due to increased boredom, disinterest, and "IRL" obligations, as well as fear and anxiety on the server, began to play less and less, logging on very infrequently and AFK-ing more than playing. His last major project on the server before his frequent inactivity was the city of Majula, which he constructed with Porkington, Sir_Phenhex and CranberryWarrior. However, this did not last very long, and ostrich1414 began to severely decline in activity, possibly hinting at a third hiatus from the server.


Taking it Easy

After abandoning Majula in March due to a suspected infiltration, as well as dealing with other issues in real life, ostrich1414's inactivity turned to a (very) short hiatus. From mid-March to late-June 2018, as the Cold War reached its end, ostrich1414 failed to return to the server and remained inactive. However, by late June, ostrich1414 had once again returned, this time with the goal of "taking it easy". Rather than returning with a "boom" like he had the last time he returned from a hiatus, ostrich1414 decided to focus on helping others, rather than himself.

Around late June, ostrich1414 invited Sengorn_Leopard, a new ally of his and pippenger's, to Quinsigamond. From Quinsigamond, ostrich1414 then transferred Sengorn_Leopard to Struthio, where he remained for a longer period of time. Ostrich1414 became a mentor-of-sorts to Sengorn_Leopard, briefing him on the culture and history of SimPvP that he had come to learn and love. Though Struthio had remained stagnant for months, Sengorn-Leopard's arrival revived it, and the base once again flourished with new projects and architecture.

Ostrich1414 was eventually invited to join the base Java Linsghey in July 2018; here, he assisted his longtime allies, such as JavelinFury, clipchip, and MisterStrawman, among others. Ostrich1414 built the Get Clip A Girlfriend National Headquarters, providing the organization he had founded in 2017 with a legitimate physical office. However, ostrich1414 was not as regularly active at Java Linsghey as he was at previous bases, and it soon fell relatively stale. Because of this, shortly thereafter, ostrich1414 was invited to yet another base, this time Tol Honeth, by JavelinFury and clipchip once again in August 2018. Though he was becoming immersed in the server's current events once more, he failed to be as active or as aggressive as he once was, and decided that it was time to enjoy the moments while they lasted.

JavaLinsgheySkyline.png TolHoneth1.png

Ostrich1414's Renaissance

By late-August 2018, ostrich1414 had shifted most of his focus onto Struthio, the small coastal town he had founded with the League. Though he had largely abandoned it since early 2018 due to his hiatus, he gained a renewed interest in it due to Sengorn_Leopard's arrival. Here, Sengorn_Leopard began constructing a large, complex structure known as "Aether Tower", which promptly turned his "temporary" stay at Struthio into a permanent one. Sengorn-Leopard's interest in building up Struthio greatly influenced ostrich1414, who worked alongside him as the two added many new buildings and farms to the city. Thus, this became the beginning of Struthio's Renaissance, the rebirth of the previously neglected base, which witnessed a massive growth of its peninsula area. Porkington and ostrich1414 also completed the Hall of Vatlos, having put it on hold prior to Struthio's Renaissance.


Much of this rebuilding of Struthio came as a response to pippenger's own desire to greatly expand his base Ascaris, claiming it to be the largest, most vast city on SimPvP. Thus, ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard and pippenger entered a friendly competition with each other as both Struthio and Ascaris tried to outgrow the other in terms of size and complexity, a rivalry jokingly referred to as the beginning of "The Vast Age".

On September 28th, 2018, ostrich1414 officially announced his departure from the League, with himself and Porkington later deciding to disband the team altogether. As ostrich1414 wanted to solely focus on Struthio, and pippenger on Ascaris, with the team itself becoming largely dormant and irrelevant, the two decided that there was no logical reason to continue the League's goals and objectives, but, rather, to remain teamless and focus on expanding SimPvP's existing bases.

Not long after, in October 2018, ostrich1414 and Porkington continued their expansion of Oberstein, their mountainous town near spawn. This was done in anticipation of the 2018 version of the spawn map (found here: [1]), which was set to release the following month in November. Along with greatly increasing Oberstein's size, the two also collaborated on Glowstone Tower, a massive nearby tower that reached up to the height limit.

ObI.png GlowstoneTower1.png

Summary of the Nigga Himself

Ostrich1414 lives in the great state of Massachusetts and plays on the server as often as he can. Donning the skin of Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, his server identification, ostrich1414 is always ready to help his boyz with their projects and missions. Ostrich1414 also found playing SimPvP ultimately more enjoyable whilst under the influence of marijuana; if you catch him on the server late at night, chances are he's high as fuck.

Though he tends to dabble in his primitive state of nobbery and has yet to build anything significantly impressive, ostrich1414's work remains crucial to the server's history. He tends to follow the lead of other more established players, as well as downplaying his successes. Also, like Pippenger, ostrich1414 frequently browses and edits the SimPvP Wiki. Nobody knows why; maybe he has too much time on his hands? Whatever, don't even bother asking him. He's AFK right now.