Three Words

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Three Words
Name: Three Words

Status: Active

Formed: 22nd August 2020

Members: Listed in Members Section
Clans: Church of Francis, Melon Boiz Inc.™, GS Trading Co., Spanish Inquisition, North Koria (Clan)

2020-11-28 14.44.06.png

Never Forget <3 Long Live The Words

Three (3) Words is a city themed base created on the 22nd of August 2020 by Tenced and Lord1 after it's direct descendant, Two Words was griefed by The Republic. To avoid the possibility of losing their next base, Lord and Tenced decided 'Three Words' would house only them, and it's existence would be completely confidential.

Three Words is a unique as it's the only base to be found using a illegal exploit, raided, battled at and months later made private again by the admins, bringing it back to life.




After flying multiple millions, Lord felt the location reached was good. He made a portal from 3 Words to Nova Prospekt so easy travel between bases was easier and Tenced was brought. They spent their first day at the base flattening a area and designing their roads. Progress was steady at first, but after about a month Lord and Tenced were building 3-5x builds a week. To avoid people searching for the base, Lord played on the secret alt Bruv420 for around 2 months, this would be until AntHand and Sellout noticed Bruv420 and Lord used the same bow and leaked Bruv420's real identity.


big ol boy

Late 2020, the 3 Words crew was pumping out mega builds all over the base, for example Lord built a huge Halloween mansion, mega Talos statue, and the Macron Bay Bridge which Tenced designed and helped build. Tenced would build his hospital and aquarium in this time.

2020-11-13 05.25.12.png

Pre-War Boom

November-December saw a huge boom in the cities size, new roads were created and new sections of the base founded like the Christmas Village and Sleepy Slut Resorts.




Doom of the Imperial War

At the start of The Imperial War, 3 Words initially slowed but slowly picked up in progress and some of the best bits of the base were built like the sky scraper complex and the long procrastinated town hall.


As the raiding picked up during the war, Lord and Tenced found themselves with a lot of loot and artefacts that were displayed in the 3 Words Museum. Little did Tenced and Lord know the PC was tracking the base down.


On the 11th of January 2021, the day after rejecting the Church of Francis's offer for peace, the People's Coalition turned up and would bring a end to the tale of Three Words.

Alas, the beauty and magnificence of Lord & Tenced's Magnum Opus physically halted the PC from griefing the base, this magic would bring about a armistice between the warring factions whilst negotiations took place. During this armistice, much like the football played on the WW1 no mans land at Christmas, Supreme General Lord1 and Two of the PC rebels, AntHand & Ostrich, went on a tour around the base together, admiring it's majestic magnificence whilst it lasted.

2020-10-24 16.49.15.png

Post-War & The Korichip Crusade

Most people were pissed at AntHand & Sellout9 for the horrible things they did, most of all was Clipchip & KoriJenkins who valiantly crusaded against and boycotted AntHand, trying to persuade the admins to take action specifically against AntHand for working around plugins and exploiting and super secure city over 25+ mil from spawn.

Eventually, on the 29th of March 2021, the owner Yukarion made the decision to make the illegally obtained Three Word coords unusable, meaning anyone other than Lord or Tenced at the base would be banned for exploit profiting.


2021-03-30 19.20.10.png

After hearing the news, Lord1 immediately contacted Tenced and planned to bring the city back to life. This time invite loads of people and make the most of the city.

People started arriving soon after, including KoriJenkins who a few weeks prior would've been killed on the spot (but he was invited cuz he saved the base <333). Repairs took place, and after a few days the 19 person strong 3 word team had 99% repaired the city, and soon after new builds will rise.

2021-03-30 19.25.55.png

The Talos statue in Macron Bay saw some damage to it during the Battle of Three Words, and is one of few structures in Three Words that was changed instead of repaired. You can see why we thought this was better.

2021-03-30 22.25.39.png


-Dickhead Lane

This was the broad name for the main part of the city, with the round about. Named after 'Dickhead Lake' from Two Words.

-Macron Bay

Macron Bay was the beach themed area which took up roughly 50% surface area of the base. Named after the French president Emmanuel Macron.

-Eastern Complex

The Eastern Complex was the newest addition to the city when it's life came to an end, and hosted the city's tallest builds.

-Sleepy Slut Resorts

Carrying on the _ Word tradition of the Sleepy Slut building, 3 Words Sleepy Slut theme was a tiki beach resort, with hints of 'Spooky Island' from 2002 scooby doo live action film.

-Christmas Village

Like it's distance relative, Oneword, Three Words had it's own Christmas section where all the festivities was held. This hosted the biggest custom tree at the base.


Pre Imperial War

Post Imperial War

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