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Name: Calea

Status: abandoned October 9th, 2020

Members: LordPastaYT
Clans: Men Hyogi-Kai


Calea was one of many bases connected to Mavossa. It was griefed along with it on the 9th of October. The entirety of the base is enclosed in an outer shell like that of Damocles. Inside there are many small farms and other amenities.


You can see here the sugarcane farm, wood farm, and carrot farm of Calea. You can also get a sense of how the inside looks.


Calea used a unique combined gold/mob farm design. This allowed the collection of both zombie pigmen and all other overworld mobs into one collection chamber. These mobs were then killed in this collection chamber, and their dropped items sorted in a room below by a Redstone sorting device.

Calea was used for the mass production of golden carrots, the best food in the game, and rockets for elytras.