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Name: Mavossa

Status: Griefed October 9th, 2020

Formed: April 15th, 2020

Members: LordPastaYT, Qyburn_, VisionShift (former), diGGing4gold, cavehoe, sly_coon_1216
Clans: Men Hyogi-kai


Mavossa.png "Mavossa main building under construction"

After spending time out in the millions, Pasta decided to move to a more reasonable distance from spawn and base with other players again. On April 15th, 2020, Mavossa was founded as a base completely over the ocean. Initially, it was planned to just be a small spawn base, but it slowly grew over time to be LordPastaYT's main base due to the number of farms located at it.

The members of Mavossa Included:

  • VisionShift (former)

End Of Mavossa

Mavossa had reached an unreasonable size for its proximity to spawn.


However, disagreements between members of the base were getting worse. Qyburn_ and cavehoe disliked each other. This was because Qyburn felt that Cavehoe was a nuisance and a security risk. He also thought Cavehoe was useless to the base because he never built anything. To sum it all up, Qyburn wanted Cavehoe gone. This led Qyburn to antagonize Cavehoe in lots of ways. First, by arguing with him, and then by attacking him. Cavehoe was all of the things that Qyburn accused him of being, but Cavehoe had already been at the base for many months and had not yet leaked the coords or done anything to make people ACTUALLY suspicious of him. One thing would be for sure though, and that was that if Qyburn or anyone else ever tried to kick Cavehoe out of the base, the base would be at very high risk for obvious reasons.

One day Cavehoe began to go crazy on discord claiming that he had been attacked by Qyburn and that his bed had been broken. It was a clear attempt to send him to spawn. When he was asked, he quickly provided screenshot proof of this being true. In DMs to LordPastaYT Cavehoe stressed that he had good reason to believe that Qyburn had also leaked to coords of Mavossa to Lord1. Cavehoe also insisted that he be allowed to bring the player Antzakes to the base to kill Qyburn. In addition to all of this, Lord Pasta was to "not tell Qyburn anything about this". To LordPastaYT this seemed like the dumbest shit ever. He still thought of them both as base members, so he told Qyburn about the accusations anyway.

Unfortunately, this did not go over well. Due to the fact that, seemingly out of the blue, Qyburn had actively endangered the security of the base by attempting to send his own base mate to spawn, LordPastaYT initially believed the claim that Qyburn had leaked the coords to lord1. This specific claim, leaking coords, was quickly clarified as being hear-say, but the fact that LordPastaYT initially believed it was "deeply offensive" to Qyburn. At this point, however, the damage had been done. Cavehoe was going to now leak to coords no matter what LordPastaYT did. He made that clear. So LordPastaYT leaked all of his bases that Cavehoe had access to first as a way to solve the conflict. If all the bases that Cavehoe and Qyburn based together at were gone, then they would no longer have to be around each other, and clearly, them being around each other just lead to the bases being griefed and leaked anyways. So on October 9th, 2020, the coords to Mavossa, Calea, and Aeucius were made public.

LordPastaYT was annoyed at the pettiness of this disagreement which led to the leaking of his base. He disliked both Cavehoe and Qyburn. Even though he had always acted in a way to preserve his relationship with Qyburn by severing contact with Cavehoe, he knew that Qyburn was the initial cause of all the chaos. In an in-game message to Cavehoe LordPastaYT described some of the problems he had with both of them. This IGM was then leaked to discord by Cavehoe. The IGM contained LordPastaYT making paraphrases and references to DMs he had with Qyburn as evidence for some of the problems he saw with basing with him. Qyburn found the practice of referencing what someone has said in DMs equivalent to doxxing and also "deeply offensive" so he decided to literally block LordPastaYT on discord and never talk to him. So he had always been acting to maintain his relationship with Qyburn, but in the end, he now had bad relations with both Cavehoe and Qyburn.

After the leak

When the coords to Mavossa were made public, many people came and fought each other on the first day. Lord1 and Pope Joe were there before anyone else, this is due to a huge Church of Francis investigation into finding Mavossa to avenge the death of Two Words which the Francillians blame Lord Pasta for. To see how the Church found Mavossa, see Finding Mavossa.

Battle of Mavossa

Lord and CrackyJoe started griefing Mavossa around half an hour before the leak, but when the leak hit, Antzakes1 turned up with intention of fighting Lord. Antz would follow Lord everywhere around the base, shooting and sword fighting him, Lord barely fought back as the chances of killing a mobile target in a open area was low. CrackyJoe, busy with mining the dome was rudely interrupted by multiple arrows, killing him. Lord had failed at protecting the Pope so in a last attempt tried to fight Antzakes, yet each attempt ended like the last, with Antz flying away.

Choosing to stay at the base instead of run, Lord rallied some other Francillians to come help fight off rebels trying to protect the base, although he would call them off when he heard that Anthand, _Goujon_ and Sellout9 were all coming to kill him. The informal alliance of Antzakes, Goujon, Sellout and Anthand all hunted Lord at the base. Goujon would find Lord in the slime farm, and after a brief "uh oh" moment, Lord ate chorus fruit to tp to the different levels of the slime farm in a effort to escape Goujon's more advance and alpha pvp skills. The next 20 minutes consisted of the 4 man alliance relentlessly mining after Lord who was desperately trying to get out of this rather sticky situation.

The battle ended with LordRun stashing his shit in his e chest and /op'ing.

The Francillians returned later that week and griefed the shit out of Mavossa, then renaming it to Amsterdamn.


  • General Mob Farm


  • Skeleton / Spider Spawner Farms


  • Ocean Temple Farm


  • Iron Farm


  • Wither Rose Farm


  • Endermen Farm


  • Raid Farm


  • Villager Trading Hall


  • Creeper Farm