Coalition of the Doks

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Coalition of the Doks
Name: Coalition of the Doks

Status: Active

Formed: January 2020

Members: Listed in the "Members" Section
Bases: Dokstainia

The Coalition of the Doks is a group of players who imitate DakkaDok's name, skin, and in some cases, chatting behaviour. Ironically, DakkaDok himself is not part of this group.



The Coalition of the Doks is proud to contain the following members within its organization:

  • xXDakkaDokXx
  • Dakka_Germany
  • DokkaDak
  • DokkaDok
  • Dakka_HACKS
  • Dakka_OSTRICH
  • DakkaDak


The Invasion of Chiral's Hotel

On January 28th, 2020, several Doks invaded and annexed Chirall's Hotel, a lavacast repurposed into a hotel near spawn. This hotel was renamed "Dokstainia", with between 5-6 Doks calling it their home as they redesigned it to fit the Dakka way.


Eventually, Chirall himself logged onto the server, only to see several Doks living at his hotel, wandering around and redesigning it. Chirall was especially annoyed by the annexation, but nonetheless offered his hotel to the Doks as a place of refuge. Within minutes, however, the Doks revolted, and TheDark_Blaze (an ally of the Doks) ignited an end crystal in front of Chirall, killing him immediately.


Thus, the Doks were successful in their first forced invasion, claiming Dokstainia as their own as Chirall was forced to flee.