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Spawn is the place every new player spawns when they join. It comprises an area of 63x63 blocks, from bedrock to the sky limit. Besides the Event Arenas, it is the only place with protection, it has both build and pvp protection. The layout of spawn is changed every couple months, often to player-made designs.

Since 2016, has been the home of The Spawn Challenge.



The spawn has undergone many difference designs in its long existence, there has however always been a spawn in some fashion. The above duck was consistently featured in the spawn for a long period of 2011, and it was also used as the logo for the server until 2013.

Surrounding Areas

Besides the 63x63 protected area, the term spawn also colloquially refers to the land extending several hundred blocks in every direction. This land is very damaged by creeper explosions and griefers, and at times, all grass within sight of spawn has been destroyed, leaving only barren rock. Periodic efforts have been undertaken to restore spawn to its original state by players such as Mattias, Peppy42, Pippenger, Mr. Hole Digger, SilasOfBorg, and others. These efforts have been controversial, and some players have worked to destroy the terrain at spawn once again. Currently, spawn is in a state halfway between natural terrain and rocky wasteland. Despite some pressure from players, the area surrounding spawn has never been reset or moved by the admins.

Some small buildings and towns exist in this area in a half ruined state- Wolfbitten and Mr. Hole Digger's The Holee Worlf Hotel Resort, Castle Firstnight, Westerburg. The Pyramid of Noob Sacrifice, and various damaged castles and ruined towns. There are also structures to be found in the air, including a large obsidian platform that sometimes houses chests and chicken farms.

Starting at spawn are four obsidian roads leading in each of the cardinal directions. These roads have existed in some form for years, and the original builder is forgotten. Most of them can be travelled on for thousands of blocks, declining progressively to cobble paths, then dirt roads, then small imprints in the ground.