Indigo Headquarters

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Indigo Headquarters
Name: Indigo Headquarters

Status: Active

Formed: January 2015

Members: INDIGO011

The Indigo Headquarters is a base created by INDIGO011 in January 2015. Located on the border of a savannah and a desert, the Indigo Headquarters serves as the official headquarters for the Indigo Empire, which also holds other significant locations constructed by INDIGO011 such as INDIGO011's Spawn Castle.

The Indigo Headquarters feature many unique, distinct landmarks, including the "Stargate" (an underground pathway/complex), the obsidian tower known as the "Indigo HQ Tower", a massive gold farm, and castle, and several other smaller farms and buildings. The Indigo Headquarters are very industrial in nature, focusing on providing resources and infrastructure to strengthen the Indigo Empire and further its goals of conquest.


IndigoHQ1.png IndigoHQ2.png IndigoHQ3.png IndigoHQ4.png IndigoHQ5.png IndigoHQ6.png