INDIGO011's Spawn Castle

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INDIGO011's Spawn Castle
Name: INDIGO011's Spawn Castle

Status: Active

Formed: Late 2016

Members: INDIGO011

INDIGO011's Spawn Castle is a massive castle complex founded by INDIGO011 in late 2016. Located very close to spawn in a swamp and extreme hills biome, the castle is comprised of many interconnected buildings and towers which serve various purposes. Built mainly by his alt starseed11, the Spawn Castle is a project that, although mostly complete, may never be truly finished due to its massive size.


Due to its immense magnitude, INDIGO011 has received help from many players who have spent extended periods of time within the castle and its grounds to aid its growth, including Rumpslem, indy64, and ostrich1414, among others. The main goal of the castle is to serve as the center of a future "spawn clan" led by INDIGO011 as its king and to serve as the clan's arsenal in case of a potential spawn war. Due to these malicious intentions, INDIGO011 has expressed a desire to expand his complex and possibly even conquer spawn for himself.

Though the coordinates are not open to the public, anyone is welcome to visit it if they happen to stumble upon it. Beware, however: there are many traps hidden throughout its grounds.


Previous Castle

Indigo had previously built a smaller castle in the same general area.