Pasta Empire

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The Pasta Empire
Pasta empire base.png
Name: The Pasta Empire

Status: Inactive

Formed: April 2018

Members: MutualistManiac, Shift85A, Coocoodog123, Sellout8, ullebupp, KitKat_Cocoa, ThatsSoZiggy, Uubber, and Nimajneb
Bases: Various, New Pastopia

The Pasta Empire was created on the 3rd of April 2018, the founder of the empire is MutualistManiac, also known as Lord Pasta. MutualistManiac built the original base "Pasta Memorial" at the end of 2017, and the small base slowly grew to include most of the current members. There are numerous bases around the server with a sign generally saying The Pasta Empire. The Original HQ, called the Pasta Memorial was compromised when clipchip followed a member of the empire. Soon after that, the small outpost went into disrepair. Image4.png

A bigger better HQ has since been established called New Pastopia.

New Pastopia.png Members of the Pasta Empire include MutualistManiac, Coocoodog123 and Nimajneb.