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Ingame name: MutualistManiac
Status: Jailed November 6, 2018 for minimap mod
First joined: October 15 2017

Location: LORD_PASTA #0892,

Earth, New Pastopia

Clans: Pasta Empire The Fellowship
Bases: New Pastopia

MutualistManiac, AKA Lord Pasta, is a common loser that can be found afking simpvp anytime after April 2018.


When he first joined the server, in 2017, he treated it as just one of many of his newly found "anarchy" servers, and only managed to build part of a base before deciding that he had better things to do, like watching gay porn. Soon, he would realize the true unique essence of simpvp as all the other servers that he played on reset their maps. Enraged with this reality, and fueled by inhuman amounts of autism, he decided to return to simpvp once again, and bring with him his possy of Mongoloids: Shift85A, Nimajneb2299, Coocoodog123, and ThatsSoZiggy.

At this time MutualistManiac had nothing more than one simple island to his name, and so he and his crew began to undergo the pain that comes from being in such close quarters. Soon, much like their presence is towards the server, Mute and his friends became cancer to their own base. Large growths began to spread outwards in the form of unorganized castle walls, surrounding, and suffocating the poor base. To make matters worse they seemed to be too retarded to repair the constant creeper explosions that occurred on the base. Deep inside Mutualist knew, things had to change...


One day he decided to invite his IRL best friend KitKat_Cocoa to the base, as she had fallen in love with Nimajneb2299. However, things did not go as planned. JavelinFury, and Clipchip soon spotted her, and her clearly female skin attracted the interest of clipchip. Perhaps suspicious of the new group Pasta Empire spending a lot of time online lately, or just in an attempt to court the lovely new female, they decided to follow her. Unknown to them was the fact that kitKat was in a discord call with the rest of the gang at the time, and they were formulating a plan.

Upon arrival at the small base, MutualistManiac treated the guests kindly and waited to spring his trap. He stalled the two as Nimajneb2299, and ThatsSoZiggy approached by boat.

By this time the clan had established itself pretty well in the area, making bases, and outposts on the surrounding islands, and that was where the two late members of the base had previously been held up at.

When the amigos arrived the trap was sprung. Doors were blocked, and swords were drawn, but in the autistic chaos that ensued, the group found it hard to organize and began to hit each other on accident. Despite having the element of surprise on their side, soon the two "victims" realized what was occurring, and used their superior armor, and weapons to kill everyone at the base. Mute lost it all.

New Pastopia

After the encounter, he retreated to a backup location and began a new building project known as New Pastopia. Many of the members of Pasta Empire began to log on less often, or not at all, and Mute followed suit for a few days, but after meeting, and allying with AForceThree and receiving new gear from him, his enthusiasm was restored, and he began to stay online again.

New Pastopia.png

File:New Pastopia Base.schematic

MutualistManiac was staying put, for the most part, working on his small base, and working on getting further connections on simpvp when tragedy struck! New Pastopia was griefed and so Mr. Pasta left for greener pastures.

Operation Reconstruction

Determined to not let such destruction dissuade him again, Mute set out for a far away from the underground base. The function of this base was to be the beginning of his resurgence on the server. Many farms and storage rooms were constructed, and slowly but surely his team regrouped one by one.

This continued for quite some time until tragedy struck once again. Like many have said. You can lead an autist to a base, but you can't make him join. MutualistManiac wanted to bring more people onto the server from other servers that he was involved with. He had started to advertise the server to his YouTube friend Nagol101 and was able to recruit a new player from Nagol101's server, PhamtomGuy to join his team. Upon bringing this new member to his base he was stunned by unapologetic threats made by this individual towards his precious base, and in a panic, Mute slew him.

Perhaps this was the dumbest decision he's made yet on the server because in seconds the coords were out, and in the hands of clip, and jav. Mute's sworn enemies.

Acting swiftly, Mute decided to transport everything, yes, everything to a new location through a warp portal. However, he could not have predicted the speed of his adversaries. As he carried his precious gear with him through the portal in a shulker box, he was attacked, and he lost literally everything.

Faced with the ultimate defeat, he went into exile on simpvp. Staying put in secret locations, his empire in ruins.


Mutualist was on a trek to Valhalla when he realized he was jailed. He was jailed for use of a minimap mod that showed caves and players on the 6th of november 2018.

From The Shadows

On March 8th, 2019, while still banned, Mute joined The Fellowship. The Fellowship is a group that was started in late February of 2019 by TheOnlySlash with some of its main members including Rainyday203, Optarium, and MutualistManiac.

The purpose of this was to bolster his power and influence while still being banned. MutualistManiac has the coords to many bases that could be useful for the new group.


MutulaistManiac is Allied with AForceThree, Iquint, and Beaverplzer. His clan is basically a vassal state to Iquint's clan.

He is related to the YouTuber, Nagol101, by his own past on YouTube, and they frequently plan actions on the server together.

MutualistManiac brought the dreaded PhamtomGuy to simpvp from Nagol101's server.

In march MutualistManiac joined The Fellowship while still banned