Pink Castle

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Pink Castle
Name: Pink Castle

Status: Griefed

Formed: Probably 2015

Members: Pippenger, various others

The Pink Castle is a spawn region base built by one of Pippenger's alts, most likely Porkington.

It is notable for being the first (and perhaps only) significant building made from granite in the spawn region. Granite does not naturally occur within that area, because it was spawned prior to granite's addition to Minecraft. The granite used in the castle had to be mined in /world, which was generated in a later version of the game.

Various players, mostly noobs, briefly lived at the castle, but it was not a highly populated or very historically significant base.

In 2018 Azdin demolished the remaining ruins and used the granite to build a wall around his relatively nearby starting base. He only partly finished it before relocating after a cheater found his stash.