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Name: Azdin
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: 19 December 2017

Azdin spends most of his time removing ruins and restoring the landscape near spawn. He made his initial home relatively close to spawn and as he was exploring the surrounding area he came across a desert with 57 small pyramids in it. It turns out Pippenger had made them years earlier. Azdin started expanding it and soon it covered the whole desert. Pippenger pushed for a name so they decided on Azpipia. To the east, Azdin also found Pippenger's Pink Castle ruins and since the world is so old that no granite can be found near spawn, he demolished it and used the granite to start building a wall around his base.


Northern wall at first base, near spawn.


A house built at the same location.

Soon after, a cheater found Azdin's stash deep underground near the base and Azdin decided to relocate. He started expanding Tamarisk on its east side, creating two new wards and doubling the size of the city. He then ventured far afield and found a large mushroom atoll. He filled in the center, converted the whole island to grass, and planted flowers. He built a single iron farm/villager breeder, a small house, and a sugarcane farm and was content so he went back to spawn. He returned to Tamarisk, restored the central tower, and built a new tower. He also extended the underground boat highway to Azpipia so he could more easily complete that project.


Tamarisk tower

Map Art December 2018

Azdin's maltese cross.png

Azdin's Maltese Cross on shield with crossed swords map art made in December 2018.

1 year anniversary of joining the server. December 19, 2018

On the 1 year anniversary of joining the server, Azdin happened to find a not well hidden portal to JezdziecBezNicka's Base. The next day, as Azdin was asking about villager spawn eggs he found, clipchip tried to buy them but Azdin wouldn't budge so clipchip tracked him down at Jez's base and killed him, revealing that he had previously found the base two years prior.