S.S. Snow Pot Princess

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S.S. Snow Pot Princess
S.S. Snow Pot Princess.png
Name: S.S. Snow Pot Princess

Status: Blown up

Coords: X: 29,100, Z: -92,600

The S.S. (Stoningpot's Ship) Snow Pot Princess was a massive yacht made by RevStoningpot, featuring: two swimming pools, bar, nightclub, dinning hall, movie theater, garden, and a pig rodeo. It was made all for a single party, held on April 20th, 2012. On this date, loads of people traveled to the boat to party together, the party culminating in them blowing the entire yacht up. Video of this can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WszX-tvFiyk. The forum thread detailing the party can be found here. The ship was made when the server had a world boundary, so RevStoningpot had to build with great care to keep from dying and thus losing his position outside of the limit. Although RevStoningpot was an admin at the time the ship was built without any admin liberties by RevStoningpot alone. over the course of several months. RevStoningpot had this to say, "I loved sitting in the pool on the aft deck watching the sun go down. I had to blow it up, I couldn't let anyone else take that joy away from me."