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Name: Rev
Ingame name: RevStoningpot
Alts: None
Status: Keeps an eye on his estate
First joined: Summer 2011

Location: White Mushroom House
Coords: Still secret
Clans: Closely tied to the Eden team
Bases: Stone Island, S.S. Snow Pot Princess, Hive/Kashyyyk,

Damocles, Mushroom Kingdom

RevStoningpot is a longtime player, ex-admin. Rev has made a bunch of awesome buildings, and generally has had a laid-back approach to life. Aside from once being an admin RevStoningpot has contributed to the server by making video trailers [1] designing a new spawn and building an obstacle course in the event city.

Early Days

Rev's first base was a small, brick made, hole under a lake about 4K from spawn on the original server map. He had a few spawner grinders nearby and a nether side mine track leading to his first big(ish) build on the server.

Simpson's House


The Simpsons House, [2] was an unfinished project when the server reset was instated.

Stone Island and the Pyramid


On the new map, he went out 12K, thanks to the new oceans, where he founded Stone Island. There he built a town hall out of bricks saved from the old map base and began inviting team mates to join the island. The base was upset from within by Qwuke, an ex-player ex-admin. From there Rev and the remaining players he could trust moved on and founded a nice temporary base, in the style of a pyramid. This base was griefed by TLRedemtion, who turned out to be a rather close neighbor of the base.

Snow Pot Princess

S.S. Snow Pot Princess.png

From here Rev went solo, building a couple temporary bases until arriving at the location that would become the S.S. Snow Pot Princess. Here he lived a solo life with a brief visit from old friend and team mate, StarryRose. During the server's short map limit, Rev built his yacht [3] only to blow it up for the fun of it. [4]


After that Rev traveled out to Avalon to join up with the players from Eden but stopped short and established Kashyyyk, [5] a small jungle base. Later on, Avalon was abandoned and players from that base came and built The Hive in the desert outside of Kashyyyk.



When things got risky at The Hive, Rev and BoxyLiz moved away and founded Damocles, the floating city.

Mushroom Kingdom


After Rev became fed up with being an admin he left Damocles on his own to start fresh as a regular player. He found a place in the ocean where mushroom biomes abounded and decide that it would be the perfect place to build Castle Toadstool [6] a project that had been on his mind since Stone Island. After the castle was complete he invited old friends and new to come join the Mushroom Kingdom [7].

The Mushroom Kingdom was extensively griefed by an unknown player, and is now a ruin.

Post-Mushroom Kingdom

Rev had a lot of technical problems with Minecraft in the years following the Mushroom Kingdom, and thus rarely played but still logged in occasionally. In 2018 he sold his dragon egg to MisterStrawman.