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Ingame name: STYX1337
Status: Semi-Active
First joined: October 21st, 2011

Bases: STYX1337's Castle

STYX1337 is a player who joined SimPvP on October 21st, 2011. He has generally been an infrequent, on-and-off player, taking several hiatuses throughout his time on the server. However, he has managed to establish one major base, STYX1337's Castle, in 2015. Unfortunately, this castle would be griefed in 2019 by Korijenkins.

STYX1337 leads a nomadic life, only interacting with other players via chat, and tends to keep to himself as he explores the vast lands of the server. After his titular castle was griefed, STYX1337 vowed to return to his nomadic lifestyle, logging on here and there to view the server's progressions.