STYX1337's Castle

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STYX1337's Castle
Name: STYX1337's Castle

Status: semi-active

Formed: uknown

Members: STYX1337

STYX1337's Castle was presumably built by the old player STYX1337 sometime after September 2, 2014 as that was when banners were added to minecraft.

Not much is known about STYX1337 other than the fact that he is a very old player who is semi-active.

The base is unusually large, and intact for its proximity to spawn, therefore, it can be concluded that the build is newer, rather than older.

The architecture of the castle is very unique and unlike other popular building styles common on simpvp.


The entire structure is situated on an island surrounded by ocean. on one end a dock protrudes outwards and leads the player to an entrance. upon entering the castle, the player will be greeted with a courtyard full of greenery as well as a path that takes the player inside the buildings. The five main towers of the castle are linked together via walkways and rooms. These rooms include bedrooms, smelting houses, storage rooms, and farms.

The tops of each tower are unique, and they provide both a pleasant lookout point and an ornament for the passerby in the sea below and behind the castle.

truly a jewel of the sea.


STYX1337castleBack.jpg STYX1337castleFront.jpg