Senator Bix

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Senator Bix
Player (OP)
Ingame name: Senator_Bix
Alts: Pippinger, Pippenger, Porkington, AllSixSix, Several others
Status: Inactive

Location: New Valhalla

Senator Bix is a former OP and an alt of Pippenger. The account was inactive for years because the password is forgotten. Pippenger eventually remembered the password, but still doesn't use the account much.


Bix joined the server sometime in 2014 or early 2015 and became an OP not long after.

Early on, Bix lived with Tuffy9 and Deftpaw at the Svea Fort. He later left the team and became OP. Busy most of the time with admin duties, he did not play much during this time or have a team.

In summer 2015, Bix was invited by MisterStrawman to come to his new base.