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Status: Semi-Active

Porkington is a player who joined the server in fall 2015. He was a member of The Principate, and is generally regarded as both a skilled architect and warrior. After the grilling incident, he was revealed to be one of Pippenger's alts.

Starting around early 2018, Porkington started to become Pippenger's main account, and now many people think of Pippenger as merely one of Porkington's alts.


Porkington joined the server in October or September 2015. The first team he joined was a prison gang made up mostly of jailed players who were trapped in spawn. But, since Porkington was not jailed himself, he left before long.

His first major build was Pork Hall, a grand underground chamber that Tunnel Rat, MtlGuy, DakkaDok, ae0, packofmongooses, and others lived in. It was hidden underground beneath a vast ocean. To this day, it is still undiscovered. Pork Hall has a skeleton farm, a full enchanting library, a potion brewer, an automatic reed farm, and other amenities of an advanced base.

After Pork Hall was finished, he moved to Forsta Stad to construct a temple to the admin MisterStrawman. Shortly afterward, Forsta Stad was griefed, but the temple is still standing.

When the new team The Principate formed, Porkington was among the first to join. He moved to MtlGuy's town, Haven, and stayed there until it was discovered by Melvin3000 and JavelinFury. At Haven, Porkington built several buildings, including a domed temple that houses four beacons and has a basement going down to bedrock.

In December 2015, Porkington was chosen to lead the Principate attack on the team Nameless, along with SirTashingdon. He griefed iQuint's house, as ordered, but left most of the rest of the base intact. This base, sometimes called Gregoria, became a subject territory of The Principate.

In January 2016, Porkington moved back to spawn to help noobs and work on Principate projects, but shortly afterward, he left the server.

He returned in mid-2017 to join the United Alliance and help construct Monarchia.

He later became a founding member of The League, working on bases such as Estevez, and later residing full time at Struthio after The League's collapse.

Starting in 2018, Porkington left SimPvP to start empires on other servers such as Nocoords, 24carrotcraft, and lasagn, and currently does not play very actively here, though he does occasionally help with projects at Struthio and also helps the server with advertising and Wiki maintenance.