The Spawn Challenge

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The Spawn Challenge, also known as just The Challenge or the Challenge Course is a parkour and maze challenge in the most recent version of spawn.

The entrance to the challenge.


The Challenge consists of 9 stages that each must be completed. Between each stage there is a pressure plate that resets your hunger and health. At the end of the challenge is the Victory Lounge, which contains an End portal.

Throughout the challenge, there are many hidden lounges. There is at least one hidden lounge in each stage. These lounges may contain such things as ender chests, anvils, crafting tables, and even an end portal. Some of the lounges are readily accessible, others require accessing hidden buttons, some require completing difficult secret parkour. The lounges also contain regular chests, which anybody can put items into for others to find.

Speed running

Some people attempt to speedrun the challenge. This is done with no items and no commands. The timer starts when the player steps over the first pressure plate to heal you. -These two rules apply to Any% runs as well. The timer ends when the player lands on the last platform at the end of the course.

The person currently holding the record gets to write a message that is displayed inside spawn as well as a statue of them at the start of the course with their player head. When somebody else beats the record, they can replace that message.

Player Time Date Video link
_Goujon_ 2:34 2021-06-29
MoWobbler 2:36 2021-03-29
BossCoww 2:53 2021-03-19
clipchip 3:13 2017-12-29
clipchip 5:01 2017-12-28
Yukar9 6:06 2016-10-06


Stage 1: Lava Maze

The first stage simply consists of a lava maze. Walk carefully through it, and make good use of Shift. At the end there is water to extinguish any burning.

Challenge stage1 entrance.png

Stage 2: Cactus Maze

The second stage is in fact an easier version of the first stage.

Challenge stage2 entrance.png

Stage 3: Easy Parkour

The first parkour is made in the style of a little modern square. It has big platforms to jump to.

Challenge stage3 entrance.png Challenge stage3.png

Stage 4: Glass Maze

The fourth stage is a 3D glass maze. It is very confusing to navigate, but it would probably be even harder if it were made of an opaque block. There are only two paths through this maze, one short, and one long.

Challenge stage4 entrance.png Challenge stage4.png

Stage 5: Void Maze

The fifth stage consists of long and wide tunnels underground. Currently there is full visibility down there, but when it was made, its depth created a large amount of void fog, giving it its name.

Challenge stage5 entrance.png Challenge stage5.png Challenge stage5 exit.png

Stage 6: Medium Parkour

The second parkour takes place in a frozen cave. There are many ice blocks, requiring use of Ctrl for fast sprinting, and Shift to prevent falling off the edge.

Challenge stage6 entrance.png Challenge stage6.png

Stage 7: Leap Of Faith

The leap of faith is a 40 block drop to a 1x1 water hole. Failing to hit the hole results in certain death. This stage has violently ended many attempts at the challenge.

Challenge stage7 entrance.png Challenge stage7.png

Stage 8: Hard Parkour

The third parkour is a hard parkour taking place in an abandoned mine. You have to make a 4 block jump, as well as float through cobweb.

Challenge stage8 entrance.png Challenge stage8.png

Final Stage: Expert Parkour

The final parkour is nether themed, and requires many precise jumps, including several 4 block jumps. At the bottom there is a lava lake, leaving no room for mistakes. It ends in the Victory Lounge, which contains an end portal and ender chest.

Challenge stage9 entrance.png Challenge stage9.png Challenge Victory lounge.png

Spawn Messages

Upon beating the previous recordholder and possessing the new best time, one may change the message at spawn. This message can display whatever the winner wants via letters made out of snow blocks. Each message can also contain one oak sign with an additional message, placed wherever the winner wants it. The first spawn message was coined by clipchip upon his record time in 2017; since then, there have been two additional spawn messages, replacing the previous one each time.


A separate category of Spawn Challenge speedruns, any%, is done by abusing the /world command. By reaching a certain hidden area in Spawn's melon farm, standing in a specific spot, and typing /world twice, you will be placed in Nether Lounge. However, due to this technique not including hitting the water at the beginning, times in this category are not eligible for the record. The current any% record is VetoTheNeato's 28.5 second time, but as mentioned before, is not eligible for the record or spawn message.