Suit's tower

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Suit's tower (unofficial)
The Aeon Spear (official)
Suit's tower.png
Name: Suit's tower (unofficial)
The Aeon Spear (official)

Status: maintained, but unfinished

Coords: -4k, -4k
Members: suit1337

A massive tower made by suit1337 located fairly close to spawn.

Original Construction

The location was originally intended to be an oasis around a Netherprotal within an natural desert. After the construction of a ring shaped oasis around a central Portal, the burning netherrack and lava moat was constructed. Soon after that, suit1337 decided to construct the tower.

While most of buildings like this are hollow, this tower was constructed solid out of stone brick blocks. The stone used to construct the tower was partially taken from a massive quarry at around -2k, -2k which suit1337, DakkaDok and a few others dug for this purpose. A central staircase leads from ground level to the top of the tower with a 2x2 Ironbar pipe with a water break at the bottom.

Due to the inactivity of suit1337 (from around 2013 to late 2016) the tower fell to ruins. Since frequent visitors travesed the tower without much care, the lower sections were completely disfigured, also the main entrance hall around the portal (originally constructed out of standstone) was almost entirely destroyed.


As stated, the tower was originally intended as an oasis in the desert. Due to the proximity to spawn, it was griefed frequently and any plans for providing resources were discarded. Though the tower lacks any resupply character, it connects to the Nether subway via a central Netherportal located in the base of the tower. Also the tower is said to hold a clue, where to find the End Portal.

Current Status

As of late 2016, the tower is getting maintained again. The entrance and the staircase were rebuilt from scratch. To prevent damage, most parts were reenforced with obisidan. Currently the tower is getting reshaped and redesigned in terms of changing the silhouette.


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