Glowstone Tower

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Glowstone Tower
Glowstone Tower Grief.png
Name: Glowstone Tower

Status: Severely griefed

Formed: October 2018

Members: Porkington, ostrich1414

The Glowstone Tower was a Spawn project created by ostrich1414 and Porkington in October 2018. It is visible on the November 2018 edition of the spawn map, found here: [1]. Glowstone Tower is located right near Oberstein, a large mountainous town made up of various buildings and towers using Imperial Architecture and Viverian Architecture.

On February 26th, 2019, The_Lucky_Lapin, a member of the griefing team YeeterMyPeeter, discovered Glowstone Tower. He would then go on to live here for a short while, gathering supplies such as buckets of water and lava. He then would severely lavacast the tower beyond repair. Due to the immense size of Glowstone Tower, it took The_Lucky_Lapin about 6 hours to sufficiently grief the tower.