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Name: Tempest

Status: Active

Formed: October 8th, 2020

Members: Nebuelaz, Ragdety, Dawn4811, SevenTwoWorlds, Weird_Dude
Clans: The Order of the Wyvern, Schmuk and Co.

The Free City of Tempest stands proud upon the ocean and was founded by Nebuelaz and Ragdety after concerns of security at their previous base of Hurricane. The city was built upon a number of different ocean biomes and was built to display wealth and beauty, whilst maintaining a medieval theme. The city was built as an industrial base, but also as a beautiful marble fantasy city, keeping to realistic proportions whilst attempting to feel fresh and original, mixing stone bricks, andesite and diorite to create a marble looking stone city.

Tempest was founded on October 8th 2020, whilst Hurricane was still in use, and to this day Hurricane remains an active base of Nebuelaz and The Order of the Wyvern. The city keeps most of the members of the former city, but security was of utmost importance to this new location. Tempest today remains an active base of The Order, and can proudly boast to be at peace with all other groups and individuals.


2020-12-28 17.06.42.png

Below is a list of Tempests active members (listed in chronological order by their join date):


Tempest was a meticulously planned love-child of Nebuelaz and from its early beginnings, a plan for the city was created and the city would be split into 4 distinct sections. These sections would be split apart by the central heart of the city which would be named The Crossroads as a better name would never be coined. These 4 sections would be split as so :

  • Castle Bauldric: The grand entrance to Tempest, Castle Bauldric is the smallest quarter of Tempest but is the first sight of the city that any visitor will see. This is the location of the outgoing portal hub, which headed out to of-site locations such as Coldstone Castle, Netherwind North and Tempest Site-B. These locations are used for a variety of reasons, which must for the moment, remain secret. Castle Bauldric itself is the first military defense Tempest offers, but is also designed to be a courtyard, displaying the cities sign board, and a map of the city. Castle Bauldric resides to the south of the Crossroads and feeds into it through a secondary gateway.
  • Naru's Prosperity: Naru's Prosperity was the district to the east of The Crossroads. This featured most of the cities wealth and industry, named so after Naru, The Dragon Goddess of Peace and Prosperity. The district was made to represent the cities industry as well as its residential and service sectors. Naru's Prosperity boasts the Residentia, a host of farms, Narus Plaza, and the commoners gardens.
  • The Dockyards: The docks of Tempest reside to the west of the crossroads, a sports the cities stockade and dockyards. These are littered with transported barrels, and lined with a flood wall. The ramparts of the docks are armed with ballista which protect the Dockyard Storehouse. Surrounding the dockyards is a great Sea Wall which towers above the ocean, protecting Tempest from a sea assault.
  • Argent Majesty: This is the palace of the city, homed by Queen Mirium of Tempest and King Bobpop of Tempest. This district houses some of the largest builds, being The Grand Archives, The Royal Storehouse, The Royal Stables and of course The Argent Palace itself. This district can only be accessed from The Palace Steps from The Crossroads which leads to The Argent Parade before the final steps.


From the Depths...

After concluding Hurricanes location was too close to spawn, Nebuelaz decided to start flying to a new location. This involved flying great distance both nether and overworld. On (date), the location was found and a base was constructed. This first section was the base of The Crossroads as Nebuelaz prepared for rapid expansion, wanting to insure the industry of the city was built first. The second thing to be build was a husk of Castle Bauldric allowing for a portal to be placed at Tempest which directly connected to Hurricane. It was at this time that SevenTwoWorlds and Ragdety would be invited to the city, although only Ragdety would really assist with the building.

Early Tempest.png Early Tempest 2.png

Tempest Rising

Over the course of 1 month, Tempest would begin to rapidly expand, largely due to Nebuelaz' large amount of playtime on the server per day. Naru's Prosperity would be planned out on the ocean surface using slabs with the buildings around the edges being planned out in a similar way. The sugar cane farm would be built quickly and Ragdety would follow suit, building a gunpowder farm to begin supplying the city. Nebuelaz would then begin construction of the docks and Dockyard Storehouse. This would be used as the cities storage area for most of the cities life so far.

Following this, the Unwaking Waters Brothel opened with a villager breeder being placed beneath it, in the cities sex dungeon. Villagers would be moved to the Stone Masons to supply the cities thirst for Diorite. It would not be enough. Tempest began mass importing Diorite and Stone to fuel its rapid growth, mainly being supplied by Gem_Productions and GS Trading Co.

Tempest Rises.png


With Tempest continuing to rapidly grow, the next target was to build the archives. A villager hall with every enchanted book. However, in this effort, Nebuelaz bred over 150 villagers in the sex dungeon. This lead to tps dropping to an unplayable 6 and leading to a massacre. The villagers were slain and Nebuelaz realized that the Archives needed to be further from the sex dungeon.

The Grand Archives were moved to the Royal District and villagers were carted to the other side of the city. Ragdety began to work, creating the mechanisms and acquiring favorable books, while Nebuelaz made the place "look nice".

Overpopulation at Tempest.png

There's a hole in the roof...

Ragdety was incredibly lucky actually acquiring all the vital enchantments from the villagers in The Grand Archives very hastily. Meanwhile Nebuelaz had moved on to building the Portal Hub at Castle Bauldric. This however would spell disaster on 1 stormy day...

A thunderstorm struck whilst both founders had been afking at the time, and due to a hole in the roof of the archives and brothel, both were set ablaze in the Great Fire of Tempest. Nebuelaz noticed the burning Brothel and sprung into action to save what they could. Feeling proud, Nebuelaz patted themselves on the back and took a break in the knowledge that the escorts and sex slaves of the brothel had been saved. Meanwhile just across the city, the Archives were burning. Ragdety noticed upon return that many important villagers, including the efficiency V but not limited to, had burned to death whilst trapped in their workstations.

After this tradgedy, Nebuelaz vowed to fix the hole in the roof of the Archives to avert such a disaster reoccurring. This took them a solid 2 days of work, 8 hours per day before the roof was finished. The Archives roof having built a large hole in its side for easy access by flight. At around this time, The Crossroads began to have portals built within it, as an intercity teleportation system.

Tempest Archives.png

Bounty of the Sea

After much time, the store house was filled to the brim with stone and Diorite Nebuelaz would begin the large construction task of the Dockyards and Castle Bauldric. Meanwhile Ragdety would focus on improving the farms, working at Tempest Site-B, which has yet to be properly named. Ragdety would finish building a bee farm, tree farm, Villager halls with perfect trading, raid farm, witch farm, Guardian farm and stone farm. All this happened whilst Nebuelaz continued to make the place "look nice".

This time of plenty lasted for much of this cities life as resources poured into the city from its many allies.

Tempests Flex.png

Tides of War

The free city of Tempest had remained Neutral in most matters but felt it was in its interests to branch out and make allies. Anger against the Church of Francis had been rising recently which would possibly ruin Nebuelaz' plan to make Tempest a sister city to Quabbin, and ally The Order of the Wyvern with Ostrich1414 and the Quabbin Qrew. Despite clear signs of a rising war, Nebuelaz and Ragdety agreed to go ahead with the Alliance and a meeting would take place at Hurricane. Both parties would sign the Tembbin alliance, which would link the 2 cities as sisters and allies.

This action was seen with disdain from the Church of Francis, as all parties had been aware at the time of Ostrich1414's plan to declare war against The Church of Francis. This would forever be the end of the cities neutrality as on the (date) Nebuelaz would declare that The Free City State of Tempest would stand alongside The Peoples Coalition in open war against The Church of Francis.

To show this Nebuelaz finished Castle Bauldric and built the Tempestrial Tower, flying the red flag to represent the cities state of war. All of Tempests allies banners would be placed at the top of the tower, including : Winterfell, GFC, YMP, Order of Wilbur and Quabbin.

In light of this war, Tempest began rapid construction of a Gold farm, mainly built by Ragdety. This would be finished during the early days of the war and Tempest began to mass produce Tempestrial Blades and armour for the war effort. To this day Tempest remains in an uncertain state of war, awaiting the prosperity and security of peace.

Tempestrial Peak.png Tempestrial Tower.png

Tempest Pictures

Castle Bauldric

The Gates of Tempest.png Tempest Portal Hub.png Castle Bauldric 1.png Castle Bauldric 2.png Tempest Crossroads.png Shrine to Naru.png Castle Bauldric 3.png

Tempest Dockyards

Tempest Guardian.png Tempest Floodwall.png Tempest Dockyards Storehouse 1.png Tempest Dockyards Storehouse 2.png

Naru's Prosperity

Tempest Farmers Market.png Naru's Prosperity 1.png Naru's Prosperity 2png.png Tempest Archery Range.png Tempest GP Farm.png Unwaking Waters.png

Tempest Wheat Farm.png