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Neb, Nebuelaz, Noobuelaz, Cuteuelaz, Poopuelaz
Name: Neb, Nebuelaz, Noobuelaz, Cuteuelaz, Poopuelaz
Ingame name: Nebuelaz
Alts: Nebuelad, Nebeulaz
Status: Active
First joined: August 4th, 2020

Clans: Formerly The Wyvernblade, Now YeeterMyPeeter
Bases: Hurricane, Skybox, Tempest, The Twilight Network, AXETOWN, Shimmerlake, YMP COBBLESTONE SQUARE, Nemesis, Skyreach, The Reliquary of Naru, BEE HOLE, Ravenglass, Serenity, Fort Rios

Nebuelaz is a disturbingly active player who joined SimPVP on the 4th of August 2020, after being invited by Burger_Malone.

Although previously being well known for his neutrality and 8 hour playtime per day, Sim has slowly worked its way with him turning him from his most peaceful of ways whilst also spending less and less time playing.

Neb Neutrality

Neb Neutrality is a code that Nebuelaz lives to which has a very rigid set of forgiving rules. To take one of his quotes, "I am not a vengeful person, but I do not forget." Neb Neutrality is a status provided to every person Nebuelaz meets. The status states that Nebuelaz will attempt to treat you with respect and as a slight superior for as long as this status remains. This offers privacy protection, meaning he will keep what you whisper to him private unless otherwise stated. A respect of treatment, meaning that he will be kind, generous and forgiving to you, willing to overlook many things. And finally discounts and generally kind acts.

Nebuelaz does however have some rules as to not end up losing this status. Status can be lost if the player : Clearly is abusing this status in an attempt to manipulate or belittle Nebuelaz. Shows a clear disrespect for Nebuelaz and is generally rude and insulting for no other purpose than hatred. (Jokes are fine, and insults are acceptable, but unbridled hatred is not something Neb Neutrality intends to reward.) Betraying Nebuelaz' trust or lying about important matters for personal gain at Nebuelaz' cost. (This is of course looked at on a case by case basis but is ultimately down to Nebuelaz' discretion) Or Finally if a player abhorrently objects to Nebuelaz' moral code to the point that Nebuelaz can no longer respect that person.

Nebuelaz takes issue with, but will not revoke Neb Neutrality over, nor relations :

                       Insults and Disrespect between OTHER players. This is not talking about jokes. Jokes are completely fine.
                       Griefing of Bases. Nebuelaz VERY RARELY approves of griefing. And in general despises it. However would admittedly agree to griefs in specific cases.
                       Piracy in World. Whilst Nebuelaz would never partake and dislikes it as a whole, it is not the worst thing and is unrequiring of forgiveness.
                       Killing New Players. This is not punishable, although Nebuelaz would disagree with most killings of new players.

Things that could easily revoke Neb Neutrality (Note that this is NOT ALWAYS) :

                       Certain griefs are unforgivable. This is entirely case dependent, but will be incredibly obvious if the time should come.
                       Betrayal of Trust. If you manipulate and betray Nebuelaz in a serious case, then the Neutrality will be revoked. This would include leaking a base.
                       An unprovoked or Unjustified assault'.  If the assault is justified, i.e a war or a clan rivalry, then this will not be revoked.
                       Scams. This is fairly close but could easily end in a revoke of Neutrality, due to gross objection to Nebuelaz' moral code.

He has visited many notable locations, including Oberstein, Virunum, Java Linsghey, Shakatak, Yittrium, and Florestria. Quabbin.



After battling his way out of spawn, Nebuelaz travelled a reasonable distance to form his first base, Hurricane. This was a massive, hand-mined underground expanse to be filled with farms and various builds. This was an early safe haven for the new player at the time, as they grappled with the new world that lay before them.


Outside, numerous stone and Prismarine topped towers were scattered across the nearby mountain range. Homes were inbeded into the sides of the mountain and would be where the name of Hurricane was chosen.


Hurricane was home to Nebuelaz's army of rabbits, notably the elite upper echelon: Glimmer, Pitch, Skimmer (2020-2020, RIP), Dutch, and Shimmer. They were beneath all beneath The Dragon Aspect of Tranquility, Naru, which was weakened during the last war against The Ender Dragon. Concequencially, Naru took form of a white Rabbit and was originally homed in a hidden chamber at Hurricane. Due to the locations prominence, and its coords being virtually public to the dedicated community, the Aspect would later be moved to Tempest.


Nebuelaz would later invite a few others, including Sice_01, bruno_vera, Ragdety, seventwoworlds, and Dawn4811, to join him at Hurricane, though it was largely a solo base. The base would see numerous invited players to visit, such as Ostrich1414, MoWobbler, cmlove, Xexc and controversially, Sellout9, AntHand, Jake276493 and BossCoww, which would eventually lead to what would be remebered by those involved as The Hurricane Incident.

Invitation to Skybox

Within just weeks of joining, Nebuelaz was invited to seventwoworlds' base, Skybox.

Alongside the other members of the D.E.C., he worked on various projects at the base.


Barrier Town

Along with SkullerG, Nebuelaz was the founding member of Barrier Town, a famous spawn build with a dense history.

He focused broadly on constructing statues and buildings, while SkullerG created the unique 'barrier blocks'.

Barrier Town View 1.png

Tempest rises

As Nebuelaz solidified himself as an active player, he aimed to move on to bigger, better things. He felt Hurricane was too close to spawn for a sustainable, active base, so he travelled a far greater distance this time. Finding a suitable location, Nebuelaz founded his new base: Tempest.


With Ragdety, he rapidly expanded Tempest, this time including several industrial farms. The city would become the home of The Order of the Wyvern, with all their major farms and storage based there. It was the Jewel of an otherwise barren kingdom but was their pride.

2020-12-28 17.06.42.png

/world projects

Soon after joining, Nebuelaz decided to pioneer build projects in the public PVP world.

Initially, he started with a hidden grotto, keeping its exact location a secret and only inviting people he trusted. In turn, this earned him the trust of others, and he was given free gear by various established players.


Soon, however, he decided to build more publicly: above 0,0, Nebuelaz constructed a tidy trading area, complete with a PVP arena. This was relatively well-maintained, though eventually destroyed after numerous successive griefs by Gem_Productions.



The Twilight Network

Nebuelaz began to construct plans for a portal hub. But one which would be as secure as a Portal Hub can be, and completely disconnected from the most important locations. The Twilight Project was initialized and put into place creating a vast network of portals across well over 10 random locations, which would take you around between the 4 vectors, Savaleo, Minarius, Aulong (As well as Old Aulong) and a Final vector which has now been forgotten. This network would traverse Nebuelaz from all his bases, such as Tempest, Hurricane, Skybox, Skyreach and any other base. It also had other random locations such as Brunoland, Dixieland and Ostrich1414's Portal Hub. It would also pass through some of Nebuelaz' lesser projects such as Netherwind Castle and Coldstone Castle. These routes also include florestria and The MBI Gold farm, which was annex during the Imperial war. Many of these bases would be added after this, however this was when Twilight itself was created. A far out end location which housed some of the portals, but most were instead set at Dusk Site-B. This was as Twilight was the most important location to Nebuelaz at the time and keeping it safe was of paramount importance. Getting to Twilight at the time of construction and nearly even up to current day, was virtually impossible or bordering along X-Ray.

Later having shown Twilight to Ragdety and Jake276493, for some reason, Nebuelaz would come to the conclusion that Twilight had been a failure of a portal hub, lacking the security he had wished from the original plan of it being an entirely private base. This would spark Nebuelaz to go to a different quadrant and fly out even further into the end for a new secure location. This however wouldn't be done until Skyreach.

The Imperial War

During the darker times of War, Nebuelaz found himself partaking in the ongoing fighting, taking sides with Ostrich1414 and The Peoples Coalition in The Imperial War. Despite numerous bouts in /world and an Ambush in the Overworld, Nebuelaz amazingly never died in the war, although was popped twice by Lord1 in a single battle. Nebuelaz however was far more useful in the scouting position, keeping an eye on Spawn for Francillian movement as well as being posted at Hurricane and Florestria as a watchman. During the war, Nebuelaz manufactured Tempestrial weapons and armour in the war effort, but few would see combat or use, as /world was turned to Hard difficulty, leading to less combat in the world.

During this time, Nebuelaz would begin a new project with YMP and after being asked by E lee to join them for a base. After agreeing, YMP and The Order would begin construction of a giant lake which would be the foundation of their join base project named at the time gravity falls: gRaPPliNg hOOk. This project would have ended up reaching the name Shimmerlake and would see great progress in its short life during the war. Despite the conflict, Nebuelaz did not dislike The Church of Francis, nor its members and was mildly out of place in this setting. All this lead to was fear of griefing and Nebuelaz tended be easily spooked and on edge. During the war, Nebuelaz would take a brief break from Minecraft due to real life reasons, and upon returning would find that the day after deciding to take a break, Florestria and Axetown were both griefed. This had taken Nebuelaz gravely has he felt that keeping watch on Florestria had been his job during the war, and felt he had let down the other members of The PC. What was worse was that Shimmerlake was also discovered and griefed. This would take almost all the fight out of Nebuelaz who was done with the war. However he would not surrender, nor take peace, until The Coalition agreed.

Soon after returning, the Peoples Coalition agreed with the Church of Francis, now formerly The Holy States of Francis, to a peace and an end to the fighting, after Three Words was annexed. This would be the end of the war, and the return of peace and prosperity. As Nebuelaz flew the green flag above Tempest, to proudly announce The Cities return to peace. The Church of Francis banners were added to the Tower to represent The Order of The Wyverns friendship and peace towards them.

Reach for the Sky

Having returned to the server Jake276493 offered Nebuelaz a position at a new base. The idea being to keep the spirit of gRaPPliNg hOOk but this time at a safer location. Nebuelaz had been very disheartened by gRaPPliNg hOOks demise and was all for a new location. Together, they came up with the idea for the base, and Nebuelaz wanted to build a huge tower at the center, surrounded by a large mountain range. This idea stuck and Neb built the base of the tower, flattening the area with the help of the other bases members. This gave Neb the idea for the name of this base, surrounding this tower. And although the base was kept on the quiet originally due to some founded, and some unfounded hatred towards YMP. The city would soon start to become public knowledge. Skyreach. The city was never finished in its 5 month life.

A Fast Start

Skyreach was started quickly with almost all of its original members online regularly and building. E lee built a storage site whilst Nebuelaz built a reservoir and Jake276493 built the mountain range with Nebuelaz. Soon the members began to work on their own sections of the base and Nebuelaz took similarly, working on The Insitution. An underground facility designed and inspired by SCP sites. White halls with imprisoned "Employees" and mysterious artifacts. The site would also have a few farms mainly built by Ragdety and Jake276493.

A Relaxing Skyline

The original rush was followed by a much more relaxed approach. Nebuelaz enjoyed the company of the others at the base and whilst they continued to build farms and builds, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Most members believed the base would last for a while and were not in the greatest of rushes to have it completed. This lead to many unfinished projects but the base was certainly coming along. Nebuelaz was a bit pushy overall, wanting to finish his sections as fast as possible, but understood the more relaxed mindset. Many incredibly powerful farms were constructed and slowly Nebuelaz took on the more relaxed playstyle.


As The Skyreach was slowly being built, Nebuelaz began to notice some frustrations with himself and Ragdety. He seemed to be growing further and further apart from the group. Ragdety one time saying he felt he wasn't part of the base. Just a visitor. This would frustrate Nebuelaz who enjoyed Ragdety's company as he did at Tempest and Hurricane before. Nebuelaz began to feel Ragdety was upset with him, as he never seemed to be motivated and started to spend more and more time apart from the group. Nebuelaz vocalized his frustrations over the situation with Jake276493 but in the end there was very little that could really be done about the situation. It was sometimes to hard to see if there was even a real problem.

The Reliquary of Naru

Nebuelaz had finally finished flying out into the end and created The Reliquary of Naru. At its core the location was a storage location with some symbolic holy meaning within The Wyvernblade. The location was built with Diorite and Blackstone and buried inside of a Endstone Island. Nebuelaz was incredibly proud of it and began to move all of his most valuable goods to the site. The location had only 1 portal to it which was to a random overworld location dug underground fairly far out. Here was a small simple room, following the same theme, but with a bed in the center. The location was directly below an end portal and so could easily be traversed to end spawn. No other portals to or from The Reliquary exist.

This became slightly troublesome as Nebuelaz wanted to move all his shulkers to the site, but struggled to trade as /world was often camped by The Holy States of Francis or The Operators, who would both kill Nebuelaz on sight, as well as interrupt the trades. The hostility between YMP and The States was something Nebuelaz had hoped he could avoid or at least amend, however conflict continued to boil and had dragged Nebuelaz into conflict once again. This would start a period of Sims life which would make trading very difficult.


On the 13th of May, 2021 there was a catastrophic event. Beforehand Ragdety had spoken of joining a Church of Francis base, which Nebuelaz had supported if he truly didn't feel welcome at Skyreach. This ended up going nowhere, but Ragdety had started to spend less time with the base members, instead spending a lot of time with Francillian members. This was slowly compiling Nebuelaz' fears that Ragdety would leave the base in frustration against the rest of YMP. But on the day itself, Ragdety had made an outburst, revealing sensitive information about Skyreach publicly in game. This was an outburst which seemingly came out of nowhere and very much angered Nebuelaz who felt betrayed and very frustrated that he would do that. Luckily for YMP and Skyreach, neither of the chat bots had recorded the moment and the server was restarted quickly by somebody else as TPS was 9 at the time.

This set of sirens in Nebuelaz' head as he began to fear that Ragdety could explode at any point and so began to stockpile valuables and shulkers outside the city, in a hidden stash. The group tentatively continued to build at the base, thinking that the information hadn't been read by anyone, and that Ragdety would come around. But just 2 days later, Nebuelaz was to log in to find the rest of YMP packing all their stuff in a state of panic, evacuating the city. The fear was simple and both Ragdety and all of YMP talked to me about the situation. With the limited information provided to Nebuelaz, he felt that he could not trust Ragdety anymore and feared that their partnership was finally at an end. Despite being together from a very early part in Hurricanes life, Nebuelaz chose to trust and remain within YMP.

A Quiet Wind

On the 18th of May, YMP marched out of Skyreach through endspawn in force, with the majority of the active members at the base carrying fully inventories of shulkers evacuating out of Skyreach and to a new safe location. It was a nervous journey as The Church of Francis and The Operators had been consistently camping Endspawn. A decoy was sent through first, in the form of Dawn4811, checking if the coast was clear and calling in the rest. The mission was succesful and with it all ties and connections to Skyreach, YMP COBBLESTONE SQUARE, Tempest, Twilight, Shimmerlake(gRaPPLINg hOOk) and Hurricane were destroyed. A sad farewell and a new start for Nebuelaz.

A New Adventure

With Everything aside from The Reliquary of Naru having been abandoned, Nebuelaz is now based with YMP at a new base called Ravenglass. This is the start of a new, journey with almost all memories of the past on sim having being lost now to Nebuelaz, he readies himself for a brand new start on sim with all its struggles. Gaining all the resources he had before, being able to supply himself with everything he needs, as well as being able to gather resources for builds, it is now a brand new start on Sim for Nebuelaz. One he hopes wont be filled with as much war, turbulence and frustration as the last.


There are certain facts, truths and events I am not at liberty to speak about. These are protected under Neb Neutrality and the respect of privacy. This means that people have either entrusted me with this information or that I respect the person still to the degree that I do not intent to leak their secrets. More information on these events will slowly be revealed, as and when the proper formalities have been met.