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Ingame name: Nebuelaz
Status: Active
First joined: 2020

Nebuelaz is a disturbingly active player who joined SimPVP on the 4th of August 2020, after being invited by Burger_Malone.

He is noteworthy for his extreme neutrality and his sexy voice. He takes great pride in his 7+ hour average playtime, although this has now dropped down to just over 5 hours per day.



After battling his way out of spawn, Nebuelaz travelled a reasonable distance to form his first base, Hurricane. This was a massive, hand-mined underground expanse to be filled with farms and various builds. This was an early safe haven for the new player at the time, as they grappled with the new world that lay before them.


Outside, numerous stone and Prismarine topped towers were scattered across the nearby mountain range. Homes were inbeded into the sides of the mountain and would be where the name of Hurricane was chosen.


Hurricane was home to Nebuelaz's army of rabbits, notably the elite upper echelon: Glimmer, Pitch, Skimmer (2020-2020, RIP), Dutch, and Shimmer. They were beneath all beneath The Dragon Aspect of Tranquility, Naru, which was weakened during the last war against The Ender Dragon. Concequencially, Naru took form of a white Rabbit and was originally homed in a hidden chamber at Hurricane. Due to the locations prominence, and its coords being virtually public to the dedicated community, the Aspect would later be moved to Tempest.


Nebuelaz would later invite a few others, including Sice_01, bruno_vera, Ragdety, seventwoworlds, and Dawn4811, to join him at Hurricane, though it was largely a solo base. The base would see numerous invited players to visit, such as Ostrich1414, MoWobbler, cmlove, Xexc and controversially, Sellout9, AntHand, Jake276493 and Bosscoww, which would eventually lead to what would be remebered by those involved as The Hurricane Incident.

Invitation to Skybox

Within just weeks of joining, Nebuelaz was invited to seventwoworlds' base, Skybox.

Alongside the other members of the D.E.C., he worked on various projects at the base.


Barrier Town

Along with SkullerG, Nebuelaz was the founding member of Barrier Town, a famous spawn build with a dense history.

He focused broadly on constructing statues and buildings, while SkullerG created the unique 'barrier blocks'.

Barrier Town View 1.png

Tempest rises

As Nebuelaz solidified himself as an active player, he aimed to move on to bigger, better things. He felt Hurricane was too close to spawn for a sustainable, active base, so he travelled a far greater distance this time. Finding a suitable location, Nebuelaz founded his new base: Tempest.


With Ragdety, he rapidly expanded Tempest, this time including several industrial farms. The city would become the home of The Order of the Wyvern, with all their major farms and storage based there. It was the Jewel of an otherwise barren kingdom but was their pride.

2020-12-28 17.06.42.png

/world projects

Soon after joining, Nebuelaz decided to pioneer build projects in the public PVP world.

Initially, he started with a hidden grotto, keeping its exact location a secret and only inviting people he trusted. In turn, this earned him the trust of others, and he was given free gear by various established players.


Soon, however, he decided to build more publicly: above 0,0, Nebuelaz constructed a tidy trading area, complete with a PVP arena. This was relatively well-maintained, though eventually destroyed after numerous successive griefs by Gem_Productions.



Neb Neutrality

Nebuelaz quickly proved himself as a trustworthy individual, earning the confidence of basically everyone, regardless of their respective allegiances. He makes it a matter of principle to remain neutral, honest, and inoffensive.

He has visited many notable locations, including Oberstein, Virunum, Java Linsghey, Shakatak, Yittrium, and Florestria.

The Imperial War

During the darker times of War, Nebuelaz found himself partaking in the ongoing fighting, taking sides with Ostrich1414 and The Peoples Coalition in The Imperial War. Despite numerous bouts in /world and an Ambush in the Overworld, Nebuelaz amazingly never died in the war, although was popped twice by Lord1 in a single battle. Nebuelaz however was far more useful in the scouting position, keeping an eye on Spawn for Francillian movement as well as being posted at Hurricane and Florestria as a watchman. During the war, Nebuelaz manufactured Tempestrial weapons and armour in the war effort, but few would see combat or use, as /world was turned to Hard difficulty, leading to less combat in the world.

During this time, Nebuelaz would begin a new project with YMP and after being asked by E_Lee to join them for a base. After agreeing, YMP and The Order would begin construction of a giant lake which would be the foundation of their join base project named at the time gravity falls: gRaPPliNg hOOk. This would see great progress in its short life during the war. Despite the conflict, Nebuelaz did not dislike The Church of Francis, nor its members and was mildly out of place in this setting. All this lead to was fear of griefing and Nebuelaz tended be easily spooked and on edge. During the war, Nebuelaz would take a brief break from Minecraft due to real life reasons, and upon returning would find that the day after deciding to take a break, Florestria and Axetown were both griefed. What was worse was that gRaPPliNg hOOk was also discovered and griefed. This would take almost all the fight out of Nebuelaz who was done with the war. However he would not surrender, nor take peace, until The Coalition agreed.

Soon after returning, the Peoples Coalition agreed with the Church of Francis, now formerly The Holy States of Francis, to a peace and an end to the fighting, after Three Words was annexed. This would be the end of the war, and the return of peace and prosperity. As Nebuelaz flew the green flag above Tempest, to proudly announce The Cities return to peace. The Church of Francis banners were added to the Tower to represent The Order of The Wyverns friendship and peace towards them.

Reach for the Sky

Having returned to the server Jake276493 offered Nebuelaz a position at a new base. The idea being to keep the spirit of gRaPPliNg hOOk but this time at a safer location. Nebuelaz had been very disheartened by gRaPPliNg hOOks demise and was all for a new location. Together, they came up with the idea for the base, and Nebuelaz wanted to build a huge tower at the center, surrounded by a large mountain range. This idea stuck and Neb built the base of the tower, flattening the area with the help of the other bases members. This gave Neb the idea for the name of this base, surrounding this tower. And although the base was kept on the quiet originally due to some unfounded hatred towards YMP. The city would soon start to become public knowledge although it has had very little builds as of today. Skyreach. The city remains active and in construction as of today.