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Ingame name: Nebuelaz
Status: Active
First joined: 2020

Nebuelaz is a disturbingly active player who joined SimPVP on the 4th of August 2020, after being invited by Burger_Malone.

He is noteworthy for his extreme neutrality and his sexy voice. He takes great pride in his 7+ hour average playtime.



After battling his way out of spawn, Nebuelaz travelled a reasonable distance to form his first base, Hurricane. This was a massive, hand-mined underground expanse to be filled with farms and various builds.


Outside, numerous stone and prismarine towers topped the nearby hills.


Hurricane was home to Nebuelaz's army of rabbits, notably the elite upper echelon: Glimmer, Pitch, Skimmer (2020-2020, RIP), Dutch, and Shimmer. They were beneath Naru, the rabbit High Priestess.


Nebuelaz would later invite a few others, including Sice_01, bruno_vera, Ragdety, seventwoworlds, and Dawn4811, to join him at Hurricane, though it was largely a solo base.

Invitation to Skybox

Within just weeks of joining, Nebuelaz was invited to seventwoworlds' base, Skybox.

Alongside the other members of the D.E.C., he worked on various projects at the base.


Barrier Town

Along with SkullerG, Nebuelaz was the founding member of Barrier Town, a famous spawn build with a dense history.

He focused broadly on constructing statues and buildings, while SkullerG created the unique 'barrier blocks'.

Barrier Town View 1.png

Tempest rises

As Nebuelaz solidified himself as an active player, he aimed to move on to bigger, better things. He felt Hurricane was too close to spawn for a sustainable, active base, so he travelled a far greater distance this time. Finding a suitable location, Nebuelaz founded his new base: Tempest.


With Ragdety, he rapidly expanded Tempest, this time including several industrial farms. More recent screenshots remain undisclosed for now.

/world projects

Soon after joining, Nebuelaz decided to pioneer build projects in the public PVP world.

Initially, he started with a hidden grotto, keeping its exact location a secret and only inviting people he trusted. In turn, this earned him the trust of others, and he was given free gear by various established players.


Soon, however, he decided to build more publicly: above 0,0, Nebuelaz constructed a tidy trading area, complete with a PVP arena. This was relatively well-maintained, though eventually destroyed after numerous successive griefs by Gem_Productions.



Neb Neutrality

Nebuelaz quickly proved himself as a trustworthy individual, earning the confidence of basically everyone, regardless of their respective allegiances. He makes it a matter of principle to remain neutral, honest, and inoffensive.

He has visited many notable locations, including Oberstein, Virunum, Java Linsghey, Shakatak, Yittrium, and Florestria.